Today is Emi’s two “month-iversary.” It is insane that we’re just two days away from April! I cannot believe it. I feel like we just celebrated her turning one month yesterday. That sweet girl is filling out nicely (ahem, wrist rolls, thigh rolls, double chins – the whole nine yards!), and I love her chunk! She’s got strong legs and tries to stand up whenever you rest her on your legs, just like Isla did. As a comparison, you can read about Isla at two months here!

Emi has only drank from a bottle once, but I’m getting my hair done this Friday and may be gone for longer than three hours, so we’re going to try another bottle tomorrow and pray that it works. If not, she’s coming with me! She’s still a hungry little lady, but has moved from eating every 2.5 hours to 3. During the night, she still wakes up around 2:30/3am, and she nurses herself to sleep… and I fall asleep every night while she eats! I cannot manage to stay awake! I tried setting an alarm to wake myself up after 15 minutes, but even that didn’t work!

Unfortunately (for both of us), Emi has a dairy allergy (or sensitivity?), and when I eat any dairy, she develops a red, bumpy rash on her face. I haven’t had any dairy in two weeks, and the rash is totally gone. I already miss queso and Chobani yogurt so badly! But she’s definitely worth it, of course.

Emi is most smiley and coo-ing first thing in the morning, around 8am. She will give you all the gummy grins then, even when Isla gives her some rather strong (ha) hugs. She is definitely more chilled out than Isla was as a baby, probably due to all that sister loving. Emi loves to go on runs with me and will be asleep within 45 seconds of me starting. 

I feel so lucky to call this little girl my own. We love her so much! 

Some of my favorite photos from the past month:         


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