Rain, rain, go away! It has been very damp in Houston the last few days, and I’m ready for some sunshine. The benefit of all the rain is definitely that flowers are blooming all around us, and it definitely is feeling more and more like spring – my favorite season of the year! I cannot believe that it’s March already! People keep talking about Spring Break, and although this holiday means nothing to us just yet, I can’t believe it’s right around the corner. 

Every Sunday, I am faced with the realization that my brain is currently working at 10% capacity, because I used to sit down and, in reflecting over the week’s highlights, say, “Oh, lunch with so-and-so was lots of fun!” and “I loved getting ice cream with so-and-so!” but alas, I can no longer recall what I ate for dinner last night! Ha. Newborn brain.

I do know that we spent quality time with Emi and Isla’s grandmas, aunts and uncle this week – having pizza and movie night with Bob, taking them milk bath photos with Mimi, and Isla spending Sunday morning and afternoon with her Baba and Dida (Sasha’s stepdad). Sasha had to travel for work but came home on Wednesday, and we were so grateful for him being back! We made many, many trips to Starbucks last week!

I got cleared for working out at my 4 week postpartum appointment on Monday, but unfortunately, got hit with another bout of mastitis at the end of the week which wiped me out for the weekend. My milk ducts clearly clog very easily, as I’ve already had it with Emi and had it five times while nursing Isla! It’s not fun!

Below are some photos that I captured over the past seven days! Happy, happy Monday. xo


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