The second baby product that we didn’t have when Isla was a newborn (in 2014!) is a DockATot (you can read the first post in the series about the 4moms Tub here). The first time I ever saw one was this time last year, when one of my best friends brought her two kiddos over to our house for us to babysit while they went to a wedding shower. Kirby put Henry in the DockATot and he slept soundly for the entire duration of their visit (despite my efforts to wake him up because I wanted to snuggle!).

Emi napped and slept in our Rock N Play for her first five or six weeks, which we also used for Isla. But about two weeks ago, we started using the DockATot in the crib for her naps and during the night. Just this week, we moved the DockATot to our bed, as I have struggled to stay awake in the glider during nighttime feedings, but for some reason am able to stay awake if I am sitting upright in our bed. I was always too scared to co-sleep given all of the horror stories you read online, but with the DockATot, we don’t have to worry about anything happening to Emi while she’s sleeping. Since moving her to our bed, her sleep has improved a lot and she’s down to one 2:30am feed, which we’re going to try to eliminate this week (per our pediatrician’s recommendation). 

The DockATot cover is really easy to remove and wash, which is helpful with our little spitter-upper. I love how easy it is to transport, and I’m going to be bringing it with me to Dallas this weekend when I go and visit one of my best friends for her wedding shower. My sister-in-law is due in 3 weeks, and I’ve put it on her ‘must have’ list. When we put Emi back into her room in a week or so, I know that she’ll be sleeping peacefully and safely in her crib. I definitely recommend all parents with newborns have a DockATot. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to email me! 

  As you can see, Emi loves it!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own. I am disclosing this in compliance with the FTC regulations.

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