Hello, April! I’m so excited about this month for a million reasons, including the fact that my niece will be born soon, one of my best friends is getting married, another best friend will be visiting from Chicago, my aunts and cousin are coming from London for a week, and we get to celebrate Easter! It’ll definitely be a busy month. 

This past week was action packed, with some of the highlights being:

  • Celebrating Emi turning 2 months old! Time truly flies.
  • Having a hair appointment with Eric Vaughn, during which I got some light highlights and a trim! He’s the best. 
  • Eating lunch with Destiny and baby Tatum at Ruggles Green, then seeing her a few days later for blog photos!
  • Sipping some coffee with Brittany at Sweet Paris – it was great catching up with her and seeing that tiny bump!
  • Eating lunch with one of my friends, Alexis, at Ruggles Green and meeting her adorable baby boy, Zachary, for the first time!
  • Making not one, but two, trips to Pinkberry, because Emi’s dairy allergy has eliminated all sweet snacks I can think of except their dairy free coconut froyo! It’s delicious.
  • Watching Moana for the third and fourth time – Isla loves it, and neither Bob, Ivana, Sasha nor myself argue against it! Ha. That soundtrack is too good.
  • Spending Saturday afternoon at a park in The Heights, then going to Steel City Pops and Adair Kitchen afterwards!
  • Eating crepes on Saturday morning at the house. I used to make batter for two, then three, when Isla started eating them, and now for five since Ivana and Bob are living with us. 
  • Meeting teensy tiny baby Parker and hugging on her parents, Erin and Matt. She is absolutely adorable! She made Emi seem enormous (she did weigh in at 12 pounds during her 2 month checkup the same day, so she kind of is!).
  • Going to Peli Peli with the entire family as part of our Sunday night ritual! I love traditions like this. 

Hope you have the best week! xo    

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