Happy Memorial Day! This past Saturday, we celebrated Isla’s third birthday party in Durango, and simply put, it was magical. The birthday girl had asked for a unicorn themed party, so that’s exactly what she got – unicorn everything. It was relatively (for me at least! Ha!) small scale, given that there were only ten people there (including Emilia!). Our best friends, the Behennas (now Emi’s Godparents) were in town, which is why we chose to celebrate a week before her actual birthday on June 4. 

We had been talking up the party for a couple of months, and she was so excited when she woke up on Saturday, but we tortured the kiddos by making them wait to celebrate after their afternoon nap. When the all woke up around 2:30pm, we surprised them with a decked out back patio – there was a massive (way, way bigger than I had expected) piñata, unicorn cake and cupcakes, unicorn cut watermelon, unicorn poop (the stickiest slime!), etc. 

Some of my favorite (and Isla’s too!) touches were contributions from my closest friends – Esther  (of cuteheads) and Megan (of Willow Crowns). I asked Esther if she could make a unicorn dress for Isla’s party, and she went above and beyond. This dress will be for sale very soon, and I cannot wait for other little girls to have their unicorn dreams come true as well. Isla literally cried happy tears when she pulled it out of the bag. She also made the most gorgeous capelet, which Isla let Emilia borrow for the party (photos below!). I similarly asked Megan about the possibility of having unicorn headbands, and like Esther did, Megan knocked it out of the park. The girls had bows on their crowns too! Isla hasn’t taken hers off since the party!! I’m obsessed with them. 

Another MVP of the party was my mom, who helped cut and tie the backdrop, bake and ice cupcakes and gluten free carrot cakes, do the rainbow icing on the unicorn cake, cut the watermelon into unicorn shapes, and setup (my dad helped with the piñata hanging!). What would we do in life without our mamas?

I still cannot believe that our first babe is turning three next weekend. Those years have flown by so quickly! It’s unreal. A full three-year-update coming soon! Photos and sources from the party are below! I couldn’t really narrow them down, so it’s serious photo overload!

Isla’s cuteheads dress | Willow Crowns horns | Store-bought cake with Mainely Butterstick fondant horns, ears and eyes | Target tablecloth, plates (here and here), confetti | Unicorn poop recipe found here | Piñata from Piñatas, Etc. in Houston | Unicorn Sneezer from The Monogram Shop | Custom cartoon (for coloring sheets and ‘Pin the Horn on the Unicorn’ from Fiverr, printed with Vistaprint |Emilia’s dress | Isla’s tassle shoes



  1. Huhuhu Emi’s dress matched the backdrop! I died. I can’t believe Isla’s three! I still remember clearly the day you shared her newborn photos here!

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