Happy Monday! We had some California weather days this past week – I wish Texas felt like that more often! The perfectly warm weather and slight breeze definitely makes your soul feel happy. I went to lunch at True Food Kitchen with Destiny, Truman, Tatum, and her mom and little sister, Macaily, on Friday – the wait for a table outside was definitely worth it. It was so fun meeting her sister, who is just as sweet as everyone else I’ve met in their family.

Other exciting things that happened during the past week were taking Milly’s newborn photos. Since I’ve snapped a few solo, posed photos of her already, we focused on more laid back lifestyle poses. She was such a pro during the shoot – slept for the majority of it! She’s a doll. Unfortunately, Ivana had developed mastitis easier in the week, but was feeling better by the weekend. I also got to catch up with two childhood friends, Amanda and Brittany, over lunch at Adair Kitchen on Saturday. I always love seeing them! It had been way too long. Then on Sunday, we did our traditional Semple family dinner at Peli Peli. I love that we just walk there, since it’s so close. 

A few other highlights from the week include:

  • Getting the cutest package from By George Baby Boutique – I’m photographing some of Sarah’s swaddle blankets, and they’re seriously too sweet. I adore all of the prints!
  • Going to Courtney’s baby shower – I cannot wait to meet baby Beau!
  • Taking photographs for Margaret of Dwell Living – she is so nice! Loved meeting her.
  • Snapping some photographs for Destiny for various projects at her house (serious goals, by the way). 
  • Signing Emilia up at Lifetime – I can finally be diligent about workouts again!
  • Having our Friday “pizza and movie night” – we watched Moana for the ten zillionth time, but I’m not mad about it. 

I am honestly missing something, but totally exhausted and cannot think! 

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