Happiest Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads out there. I am so lucky to have the most incredible, devoted husband who loves our girls unconditionally. He is most happy when he’s surrounded by “his girls” (Emilia, Isla, me and Belle). He works hard to provide us the best life we could imagine and is always scheming up ways to make it better. Sasha is a huge dreamer, and we love that about him! He is an excellent role model to both of his daughters, and I hope they inherit his drive to be the best version of themselves. He always wants to ‘mazi’ (Serbian word for snuggle), and I pray we’re still mazing as a family for many, many years to come!

Sending a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ message to my Dad too! He’s in Houston right now – we thought we’d be celebrating together in Durango, but he is recovering from surgery last week. I could not love my dad more than I do. He makes me laugh (potentially more than anyone in the world). There are so many things that I do and think, ‘Wow, I am just a clone of my father.’ Ha! Sasha thinks so as well.

I’m beyond blessed to have these two dads in my life (and Sasha’s amazing dad, LJ, too!). I took a few photos of Sasha and his girls the other day, and I basically want them framed all over the house. Family photos without me in them? Favorites. Ha! 

Hope you have the best day with the ones you love!


P.S. To anyone who has lost a dad or want to become a dad but it hasn’t happened just yet, you’re in my thoughts and prayers today. Sending you huge hugs!

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