One weekend it’s Isla’s birthday, then the next it’s Sasha’s, only to be followed by Father’s Day the following weekend! What a happy month. Sasha’s birthday celebrations were very low key, and since he really wants a new road bike for Christmas, I was off the hook for a gift (apparently it’s being combined in December!). I asked him no less than twenty times, “When you say you don’t want a gift, does that mean you really want something but are just saying that? Or you’ll be okay if you wake up on Saturday with just a card?” I think this is quintessentially the difference between males and females – when they say they’re okay without getting a gift, they actually mean it! Ha. 

We roadtripped to Moab on Friday – and ohmygoodness, the views. It is one of the most spectacular places. We even noted that the car ride was one of our favorite parts because it was just gorgeous view after gorgeous view after gorgeous view. I’m so in love with Colorado and Utah.

Other highlights from the week were getting Isla’s new bike (a gift from my parents) and watch Isla gain confidence as she strode along the sidewalks. We also went to the Rec Center to swim, which was fun (Isla loves going down the big slide with her dad!). We drove to meet Sasha mid-ride at Baker’s Bridge, which is about 15 minutes away and is a gorgeous part of the Animas River. Last, but not least, a highlight only because it ended well – Sasha’s treacherous journey down the river on a two-man raft. The river is going to quickly right now (and it’s freezing!). So when Sasha said he wanted to go down himself, I thought he was crazy. But he loves adventure, so it wasn’t that shocking. I dropped him upriver and then the girls and I drove down to White Water Park, where all the crazy rapids are, to take photos. We were only there for a few minutes when I saw his duckie floating without him on it, just past the craziest rapids. I literally thought he had drown and was panicking. The sweet man next to me started looking for him and spotted him on the other side of the river, walking along the bank to get the duckie. I managed to call him, then watched him walk with the raft over his head to avoid more rapids before embarking on a journey across the river without paddles! The crazy man used his hands as oars. He was freezing cold when I got him in the car, and his GoPro footage has us crying laughing. What a day! We won’t forget about that journey down the Animas.

I hope you had a great week too! We are leaving Colorado next Wednesday, and we plan to enjoy every second we have left in this gorgeous weather. xo


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