We’re more than halfway through June, can you believe it? I keep on seeing snaps of people in Houston complaining about how miserably hot it is, and I’m dreading our return this week for that reason (but so excited to see everyone!). It’s been in the high 80s here, and we’ve been melting, so I can’t imagine!

This past weekend, we went on the T-Rex Express train ride to a dino camp, where Isla got to do lots of dinosaur related activities. After getting over an initial shock/fear of the people dressed up as dinos, she had the best time, and has been wanting to go back to see Mr. Bones at the station every day!

We also celebrated Father’s Day yesterday by spending the entire day together (except for Sasha’s bike ride) – we went down to the river to let Belle swim, ate lunch at our new favorite spot, got Cream Bean Berry ice cream, strolled along Main Street, ate our favorite meal for dinner at Carver’s and spent the rest of the day together in the yard. It was wonderful. 

I also decided to sell my Lightroom editing presets on Saturday! It was an exciting business decision and I’ve loved seeing before and after pictures on Instagram from people who purchased it! I’m going to do a blog post this week outlining more details! If you’re interested in buying it, click here!


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