Talk about hitting the ground running! We got home from Colorado last Tuesday (Meredith was a LIFESAVER and picked us up from the airport in my car after I got our departure date wrong!), and haven’t stopped moving since then. I’ve taken multiple sets of photos (including Destiny’s and Carrie’s!), gone to a gender reveal party for our good friends, Amanda and Scott, met and photographed our close friends, Sydney and Philip’s baby, Camden, helped Ivana and Bob to unpack their new house, caught up on cuddles with sweet Milly (how do they grow so quickly?!), enjoyed a family dinner with my parents and older sister, gone to an Orange Theory class with my former trainer from BP, suffered in the Houston humidity for some late night runs, and organized our house.

A quick shoutout to my sweet friend, Julie, who recently launched an Instagram account – @YoungWildandFriedman – sharing good kid activities and recipes. She is truly super mom, and I encourage you to follow her! She sent us a snack box for the plane, as well as a bead activity set and Isla loved both! 

What I haven’t done is catch up on emails! So alas, a short week-in-review today (with tons of photos) as I’m going to reply to some clients now. 


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  1. Your kids have the most beautiful eyes; Emi’s are like that of the ocean~ Isla is looking more and more like Sasha by the day, don’t you think??

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