On June 4, Isla turned three, and less than a month later, on July 2, her cousin (second-cousin, but we call and consider them cousins!), Ana, turned three! We thought it would be fun to take some photos documenting them at three years old, but once the ball got rolling, we realized it would be more fun to document all of the cousins together, since we don’t have a group photo with Milly and Emi in it. 

We met in the blistering 90+ degree Houston summer, surrounded by cotton candy, balloons and cake pops, to capture these seven kiddos: Mila is 5, almost 6; Lazo is 4.5, Isla and Ana are 3, Emi is 5.5 months and Milly is 2.5 months! It truly does feel like Mila was just born, and suddenly, she’s going into first grade? Where has the time gone. 

I have to give a shoutout to my amazing friends, Esther and Megan, who helped make these photos happen, given that I gave them one week heads up on dress/romper and bow orders! These matching cuteheads dresses and rompers (for the babies) are my favorite (and Isla’s too!). And the matching pink Willow Crowns bows couldn’t be more perfect. Lazo looked dapper in his bow tie too, of course!

I cannot wait to watch these six (hopefully more to come!) sweet babes grow up together! 


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