This past Friday, we celebrated Miss Emilia’s Christening in an intimate ceremony with just our family and closest friends. Sweet Emi was not her usual happy self, which made sense later when we found out she had an ear infection! Regardless, it was a really fun day and lifelong memories were made. We’re so grateful for her amazing Godparents, Kirby and Brett, who were here from Oklahoma City to celebrate. Our photographer, Nancy Aidee, sent some pics already and I’m in love! I cannot wait to share more when we get the rest.

The rest of the weekend was a blur, given that we were just constantly trying to make poor Emi feel better. And the days leading up to the ceremony were very busy too! I snuck in two playdates, some blog photos for Destiny, newborn photos for Brittany’s angel, George, lunch with Ivana and her best friend, Destiny, and Milly’s three month photos. We had Sunday dinner with all my siblings – Ivana, Bob, Karine, Jill and Kevin. My favorite crew. We’re so blessed. Now I must go and pick-up the entire house that my tornado toddler wreaked havoc on today! Hope your Monday was a good one. xo


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