Another week has flown by, and tomorrow is August 1st! With temperatures in the 100s, it feels like we are deep in the weeds of summer. I never know at what point of the day I need to shower – after the early morning dog walk, when I come back sweaty? Or after I work out in the morning, when I come back sweaty? Or after the evening walk, when I… you guessed it, come back sweaty? So basically, I just shower all day long! Which is exactly why I’m rocking a baseball cap all day, every day. Because who has time to do their hair three times? Plus, I went to our dermatologist last Friday to talk about my skin discoloration (called melasma) which is a result of pregnancy, and she recommended wearing a hat every day. She suggested a wide brimmed one, but alas, I’m no Kate Middleton, so I’m not sure I can pull that off! Ha. I wish.

Some highlights from the past week include:

  • Getting Isla’s first haircut by Eric Vaughn – she wasn’t the most cooperative that she’s ever been, but he did a wonderful job regardless! And she has been showing off her new shorter do to everyone she meets!
  • Having Destiny, Tatum, Ivana, Milly, Meredith and my friend Monica’s daughter, Riley, who is acting as my ‘Mother’s Helper’ over at various times on Tuesday! It was a crazy day, but the very best kind.
  • Having Megan and Isabel over on Thursday to take some Willow Crowns fall bow photos!
  • Attending a Serbian wedding reception for Sasha’s second cousin on Saturday!
  • Going to church at Bayou City Fellowship – it was Emi’s first time in the nursery, but she seemed to do really well. Thankfully! We love our church home.
  • Getting more snuggles with Brittany’s sweet baby boy, George!
  • Swimming at my parent’s house in Katy on Saturday.
  • Eating family dinner at Peli Peli Kitchen – our Sunday tradition! We love it.

I hope you have a wonderful first week of August. I can’t believe I’m saying those words!


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