I have recently shared tons of photos of sweet Emilia’s nursery on Instagram and here on the blog, which may be the reason I’ve had people email and direct message me asking for details about Isla’s bedroom. Truth be told, I don’t share a lot of photos in her room, but that’s due to two big reasons: 1) Despite how bright the photos may look below (super, super high ISO used), Isla’s bedroom has by far the least amount of natural light in the whole house due to a covered patio being right outside her window. This makes it less than ideal for photos. 2) When we moved Isla into a big bed (this Land of Nod one!), it was around the time we bought our new lot to begin the house building process (a very, very long one!). I didn’t want to spend a lot of time and effort re-vamping Isla’s nursery into a big girl room, knowing that I’d redo it when we moved house (already have grand plans for this!). So we basically kept everything the same, just moved her crib and glider into Emi’s nursery. Alas, most of the items from her room are those from her nursery (post with now-cringeworthy photos here).

I had purchased white bedding from Target last year during the transition, but it was very dirty by now, so yesterday, we put this new butterfly bedding on her bed as a temporary refresh! She was ecstatic about this $37.99 purchase! Ha.

So here you go, a few photos of Isla’s bedroom, pre-‘big-girl-ification’ next year! I love all of the memories that have been made in this space – it’s going to be hard to leave the house we got engaged in and brought our two girls home to from the hospital (more like three, because Milly came here from the hospital too!).

PS Thanks to Roberta Roller Rabbit for Isla and Emi’s adorable matching jammies! We love them!

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