Anyone catch the solar eclipse today? My sister-in-law, Ivana, and I were cracking each other up with our mutual stupidity at our attempts to quickly glance at the sun… despite all of the millions of warnings not to. I wasn’t prepared enough to order glasses, but we did manage to see it via the iPhone camera as the sun went behind a cloud. I’m not going to lie – it was ever-so-slightly underwhelming (here in Houston at least!).

The past week, Sasha worked from home, which was so nice! We love having him here so much. We got to go and walk through the new house together – they are finishing framing this week (thank goodness!). I’m meeting with our designer, Lindsey Herod, on Wednesday at the lot to walk through it and discuss plumbing fixtures.

Some highlights from the past week include:

  • Celebrating Isla’s cousin’s 6th birthday party at a nearby stable – she rode a horse for the first time and was literally on Cloud Nine! Happiest gal around.
  • Emi’s crawling went from slow and shaky to speedy, and I went from being able to leave her for 30 seconds to having to tote her around with me everywhere we go. Isla is not the most reliable when it comes to leaving small items around, so Emi is constantly on my hip again.
  • Baking with my ‘mother’s helper’ – Riley – who is my friend, Monica’s daughter. She has been such a huge blessing to us the past month – helping out with both girls so I can get some work done during the day, not just in the evening!
  • Taking Milly’s four month photos! Ah, isn’t she a living doll?! I’m obsessed.
  • Photographing an outdoor dinner party for Caroline Harper with florals by Maria Maxit and calligraphy by Nancy of Natalie Gene Calligraphy.
  • Capturing the sweetest motherhood moments for my dear friend, Courtney Brown! Her son, Beau, is too handsome to handle! I shared photos here yesterday.
  • Taking blog photos for Lyndsey Zorich on Friday at this kind-of secluded Galleria condo building – it was such a fun place to shoot and I love photography Lyndsey because she’s got all the moves!
  • Going to church at Bayou City Fellowship! We’re jumping into a new series, which I’m excited for – plus, the speaker said that it will transition from this series to the Advent series and ohmygosh that made me excited for Christmas! Ha.

Key things that I missed lately – one of my very, very best friend’s birthdays was on Saturday and I totally forgot! I’m sorry, Alisdair – I love you, brother! Also, I laughed because in last week’s post, I said something along the lines of – I feel like I’m forgetting having lunch with my best friend! And alas, I totally forgot to share that I caught up with one of my ‘oldest’ (as in duration of friends) friends,ย Joy, at our house. She got a view of how crazy an afternoon at the Petrovic house was! I always, always love hearing what exciting things she is up to.

Did y’all watch the solar eclipse? Are your eyes burning? Ha. I hope not! I also hope that you have a wonderful week and that the weather cools down 20 degrees before next Monday. Very unlikely, but a girl can dream, right? xo

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