I have always struggled with the ‘About’ page of my blog and website or with even writing a short blurb describing myself. I remember when I was interviewing for a job at Accenture in college, and I’d cringe overtime the standard question was asked: “Tell me about yourself.” I mean, where does one start?! Of course, I had my canned answer, but it would seem disingenuous to share something similar here. Although I post lots of details about our lives here on the blog, I don’t really get too, too personal. I always love reading people’s ‘fun/random fact’ posts, so I set off to come up with some things about me that you might not know (hopefully a few that even my closest friends are surprised by!). I kept going, and going, and going (this has been a note in my iPhone for ages!) – I finally made it to 100 with the help of my sister-in-law, who suggested the final fact (thanks, Ivana).

So, here’s a little light reading for you! Ha. And then a request from me. If you’ve been reading for awhile but we’ve never been in contact, I would love to hear from you (truly). Even just an email with a ‘Hi’ – I love connecting with people. Some of my sweetest friendships have started as online ones, but blossomed into much more.

PS When I told Sasha that I had finally finished this post, he told me, “This might not be your lowest viewed blog post, but it’ll definitely be the one with the shortest session duration.” Ha. Thanks, babe. 

My 100 Random, Embarrassing, Funny, Hopefully-a-Little-Interesting  Facts

  1. I have traveled to 6 out of the 7 continents – I still need to visit Antarctica, and while I’m excited to go, I don’t think it’ll happen for a number of years. I’ve traveled to a number of cities, but only lived in Scotland, Texas and Paris (for a summer).
  2. I speak conversational French, but definitely need to brush up before we go in February for my 30th birthday.
  3. I am not a fan of being a part of an ‘organization.’ I was in National Charity League (NCL) in high school and really didn’t like it, then was a Theta in college and never really got into it, then spent four months doing Junior League after graduating from college and quit. I don’t know what it is! I love so many people whom I met through these three organizations, but the thought of regularly meeting just isn’t for me.
  4. I have a huge fear of needles. Being pregnant is a lot of fun for me! Ha. Lots of fainting involved in that journey.
  5. Within the scope of vegetarian/vegan food, the only thing I cannot stomach is olives. Yuck. And the worst it when you ask for a dish without them, and then they forget, and you pick them out yourself and it just tastes olivey.
  6. I was a cheerleading fanatic growing up – I did competitive cheerleading, cheered for my school teams, and taught tumbling and a little kid’s cheer squad. I still, to this day, have cheerleading dreams! I got to do a few flips on Sasha’s cousin’s trampoline recently and am so anxious to take a tumbling class.
  7. I am an absolutely horrible texter. I very rarely have less than 40 unread texts on my phone. I don’t know why – I just procrastinate on opening them, especially when my hands are tied and I know I’ll forget to respond!
  8. I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2010 with a degree in Advertising, a minor in Business and specialization in French.
  9. I absolutely have to make the bed every morning. I can’t imagine not having it made by 10am. That would give me anxiety.
  10. I love, love, love to cook but really dislike baking. Which is why I love Rawesome Vegan Baking – which involves no real baking, ha.
  11. I adore living in Houston, but if I had the choice to live anywhere, I’d live in California or Australia.
  12. My favorite city in world is Paris. I am mesmerized by it. I want nothing more than to be in Paris in the ’30s – hello Midnight in Paris. I’ll take it in current day too though, of course. I loved living there in 2009 and am so anxious to go back for my 30th birthday. Read my travel guide here.
  13. My favorite country for food is Turkey – every single meal we ate in Istanbul and Cappadocia was heavenly. I loved it! Read my travel guide here.
  14. The top iconic places to see on my Bucket List are Christo Redento, Machu Pichu and Taj Mahal. I wrote a blog post listing them all in 2014, and unfortunately haven’t checked any off since. Hi, Isla and Emi!
  15. I’m a total conflict avoider. No arguments for me! They give me anxiety.
  16. I have two sisters by blood (one older: Karine, one younger: Jill) and one by marriage: Ivana. I have a brother-in-law (Bob) and will have a second next summer (Kevin)! I love it when we all get together.
  17. I could never do it as a profession because it’s not my calling/my talents are limited, but I love interior design.
  18. The name on my birth certificate is Eilidh Semple. When we moved to Texas, it was apparently quickly how hard ‘Eilidh’ (pronounced ay-lee) was for Texans. In 7th grade, I started spelling it Ailee. When I became a US Citizen in 2012, I changed it legally to Ailee Eilidh Semple.
  19. For a short while, I really wanted to be a calligrapher. Again, it was not my calling!
  20. I never made a B at school on report card from kindergarten to my senior year of college. Talk about a nerd! I had no life for so much of my life – ha.
  21. I wanted to do advertising (hence my degree), but ended up working at Accenture as a Change Management Consultant. I met Sasha on my first project, which was in Oklahoma City for Devon Energy.
  22. Sasha bought the house we live in as a surprise and proposed in it. The whole thing was recorded, but I hate seeing myself on tape, so we have never watched it! We need to in October, on the five anniversary of him proposing!
  23. I fainted at the altar at our wedding, but Sasha caught me. Quite dramatic!
  24. I became a Christian in high school, then was baptized during my freshman year of college. I loved my church, Austin Stone, so much, and also really love our church here in Houston – Bayou City Fellowship.
  25. We went to Bali on our honeymoon turned babymoon. Read my travel guide here!
  26. My favorite, favorite snack/dessert to eat is a Sinfull Bakery Everything Bar. I’m addicted, so only buy them once every few weeks. I have no self control with them!
  27. I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and spent the first 8 years of my life in Stonehaven and Catterline.
  28. When my parents decided they wanted to move to the states for a few years, we first looked in Boston! I’m so glad that my mom decided she wanted warmer weather. I can’t imagine how different my life would be had my dad taken a job there.
  29. Sasha was on Jillian Harris’ season of The Bachelorette. The only parts I’ve watched of it were at my bachelorette party, when we had to take a drink every time he came on the screen. I have a serious girl crush on Jillian. I think she is so cool.
  30. My two favorite celebs are Kate Middleton and Justin Timberlake. I was at a ski resort in Montana and I looked to my right and Justin was standing right. there. We then proceeded to eat a meal right behind him (there were only four tables at the restaurant in the lodge). I am surprised I didn’t faint from not breathing.
  31. I always use a straw when I drink coffee.
  32. I try to eat as ‘clean’ as possible, but I can’t quit Crystal Light! I don’t love water, but I wish I did! I rarely drink Diet Coke (maybe one a month?), but I love it.
  33. My favorite book is The Paris Wife. I adore historical fiction.
  34. My favorite movies are The Proposal and It’s Complicated.
  35. I am terrible at keeping exciting secrets – I’ll do it, but it stresses me out!!!
  36. I love dancing, but I’m not good unless it’s choreographed. Even then, it’s iffy these days. I’m dying to take a class at Dance House Fitness though!
  37. My favorite alcoholic drinks are St. Germain cocktails and Cote du Rhone red wine.
  38. I don’t like making a fuss for my birthdays, but have wanted to go to Paris for my 30th birthday for ages and ages.
  39. I never ever watch TV. I think it’s because I cheered 6 days a week in high school, when everyone got addicted to The OC, Grey’s Anatomy, Laguna Beach, etc. I work at night or read! No TV for us. 
  40. I’m a Fitbit addict – I have a 15,000 step goal and have been know to walk around the living room in circles for ages (once for 2 miles… not kidding) until I hit that goal!
  41. I got my first DSLR as a junior in college and was immediately obsessed. I have so many photos of flowers since nobody wanted to be my model! Ha.
  42. My least favorite part about owning my own business is never feeling like I can take time off. I was editing Emi’s hospital photos when she was 1 day old!
  43. We got married in Napa in July so that my family from the UK could come. Everyone told me it would be perfect weather, but boy, was it hot outside during the day! Probably why I fainted, right?
  44. I believe in soul mates and soul friends. Sasha is my soul mate and my best friends are literally heaven sent.
  45. I’m not a big crier, but the Always commercial about ‘like a girl’ make me cry every time I watch it – or even when I tell people about it.
  46. I love to run. I run every other day, if not every day. I get my best ideas while I run! I ran two miles every-other-day until I was 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant with Emi.
  47. My biggest physical insecurities are facial asymmetry, forehead wrinkles (darn you, Darque Tan and stupid teen years!), and this horrible vein on my right shin from my pregnancy. At this very moment, you can add serious pimples on my face to that list! Stress/hormonal breakouts are no joke.
  48. I have not eaten any meat since 5th grade. I don’t miss it at all, obviously, since it’s been so long. The vegetarian food these days is so delicious anyway.
  49. My favorite part about being a wife is having someone whom I’m insanely attracted to who is my best, best friend and loves me no matter what, even when I make mistakes or act selfishly.
  50. My favorite thing about being a mom is our mutual pure unconditional love.
  51. I have always wanted to have three daughters, but now I would totally love to have a boy next!
  52. My favorite singers/bands are needtobreathe, Hillsong United, Jason mraz, James Morrison and Justin Timberlake. Hm, I feel like I need to start listening to some female singers!
  53. I have big feet – size 10! And they’re super flat. I have zero arch in my foot.
  54. Some things that Sasha and I don’t see eye to eye on – how neat my bathroom sink area needs to be, how to load the dishes properly, putting key back in purse and where to put your toothbrush once you’re done brushing!
  55. I love wearing ‘real clothes’ but unless I’m working, that rarely happens. I live in workout clothes (and on days I’m not working, I am almost always working out).
  56. I would love four kids in theory but I think three is all I can get out of Sasha. He is even on the fence about three!
  57. My favorite meal in Houston is The Super Food Bowl at Adair without rice (extra quinoa) and black bean patty – add juice for lunch or cocktail for dinner!
  58. I prefer frozen yogurt over ice cream. I love the dairy-free coconut froyo from Pinkberry. We’ll get a take home tub so that we can put it in the freezer. We like our froyo extra hard. We call it fro-fro-yo.
  59. I love driving, hate traffic – couldn’t live anywhere that involved traffic.
  60. I collect pink nail polish but rarely paint my nails or get mani/pedis. They stress me out because I feel like I’m wasting time and also because I’ve got a few ingrown toenails from recent pedicures.
  61. I used to enjoy going to the grocery store before having kids. I would wander around, getting things that looked good. And then: kids. So now: HEB curbside pickup.
  62. I interned at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I met the most amazing people – one of whom is a close friend to this day! I chatted to Justin Long for about an hour. He is the coolest.
  63. I’m obsessed with Cirque du Soleil and have been to nine shows all across America.
  64. I love Bahama Bucks’ Thin Ice Super Sour Blue Raspberry slushies. Ah, I want one right now!
  65. I haven’t eaten a slice of bread since my junior year of high school. I try to avoid processed foods and ‘bad carbs.’
  66. I am OCD about shoes being placed side-by-side. I like them together by the door, but the only real requirement is to have them next to each other It’s so weird, but it freaks me out when they’re not.
  67. When I’m alone, I may, sometimes, on occasion lick my plate clean when it’s been that good of a meal. Zero manners.
  68. Favorite clothing stores are Gap and Nordstrom. I can shop at Gap in-store, but haven’t been to Nordstrom in years! The Galleria stresses me out.
  69. Growing up, I always wanted to be a journalist/writer for People Magazine. I may still, at some point, pursue that! Even just to have a blurb in there – I would die of excitement!
  70. I love stationery. The biggest category on our wedding budget was our paper goods (by the talented ladies at Papellerie).
  71. I have about 8 pairs of Nike LunarGlides. I buy a new pair every time a new model comes out. My feet are prone to pronating, and these are perfect for that – plus the arch support feels good on my flat feet. Since I actually wear them to run vs. for running errands, they are pretty beat up.
  72. I have limited talents, but I’m generally a good speller. But I cannot ever spell exercise right. I feel like ‘size’ needs to be in there.
  73. I have an aversion to loud gum chomping.
  74. I used to chew at least five pieces of gum a day until a plastic surgeon told me that I had a masculine jawline due to strong jaw muscles. I quit chewing gum (cold turkey! ha) and have probably had two pieces all year.
  75. I make an annual Shutterfly photo book every year, and I have done this since 2010; yet, having two kids has been a real kick in the butt and I have barely started my 2017 book. It’s September. Yikes.
  76. I love modern, bright, colorful art. My favorite artists are Teil Duncan, Britt Bass Turner, Lullie Wallace and Jamie Sawicki.
  77. I don’t like photos of myself where I’m looking forward. Check out my Instagram (or even the photos below) for validation of this one.
  78. I feel most at peace when we’re staying at my parent’s house in Durango, Colorado. Life is so simple and easy there. That mountain air is so good for your soul!
  79. Sasha and I want to go to all of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments. We’ve done the French and Australia Opens – up next? Wimbledon. Maybe I’ll get to meet Kate Middleton then? Fingers crossed.
  80. My favorite color is corral. Unintentionally (maybe?) it’s everywhere in my life – my logo, my house, my clothes, etc. Second favorite is definitely teal.
  81. I refuse to swim in lake water. Yuck. Maybe Lake Louise or Lake Powell, where the water looks crystal blue. But Texas lakes? They are so gross! I just imagine snakes lurking everywhere. Gimme a beach over a lake, any day.
  82. Our wedding song is I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. I don’t think there’s anything more romantic that when Sasha puts it on our Echo and asks me to dance around our living room (or sweet, when the girls are up and dance with us).
  83. Is anyone still reading? If you, you rock. Number 83 is that I love planning parties. I feel like I am always planning a birthday party, baby shower, engagement shower, etc. One event happens, and I’m onto the next!
  84. My best friend from Scotland, Alisdair, came to live with us my senior year of high school. He then stayed and went to The University of Texas at Austin with me, met his wife in Austin and moved back to Scotland three years ago (lots of tears!). I miss him!
  85. I am afraid of the dark if I’m alone. When Sasha travels for work, I sleep with the lights on!
  86. I love our dog, Belle, so much, but I’ve decided I’m not a “dog person.” I cannot imagine snuggling up with a dog on the couch and enjoying that.
  87. I think it’s due to my profession (lots of newborn photos), but I have become an expert swaddler, and I like to think a baby whisperer.
  88. My favorite type of food is Indian food – I love Pondicheri, Himalayan, and Indika in Houston. Any other recs?
  89. I can sleep in a car, in a plane, standing up, in a rocking chair, etc. It takes me 0.3 seconds to fall asleep at night. I once fell asleep before my flight left LA and didn’t wake up until we were about to descend into Sydney, Australia.
  90. I do not like pumpkin spice lattes, but am pretty ‘basic’ in other aspects.
  91. Speaking of ‘basic,’ I love peonies but prefer ranunculus.
  92. My three favorite cities to visit in the US are Boston, Washington D.C. and San Francisco. The three I most want to visit are Charleston, Nashville and Seattle.
  93. I absolutely adore having my hair washed. It’s my favorite part of a hair cut and the real reason I love blow outs so much.
  94. I am an OCD trip planner. When we go on a sightseeing vacation, I plan every day down to the hour. You can read about my process here.
  95. I am an awful ironer. I feel like I end up making more (deeper!) wrinkles in anything I iron. So it’s slightly wrinkled or dry cleaned at our house!
  96. I have way too many dresses, and these days, way too few occasions for them! I buy them with no event in mind, then never end up wearing them for ages.
  97. I never have matching socks. It drives Sasha crazy.
  98. Sasha wants #98 to be that we have the same initials (Alexander Sasha Petrovic and Ailee Semple Petrovic). He’s very creative. And it’s also awesome for monogramming things like towels.
  99. Ketchup is one of my favorite food groups. It belongs on everything.
  100. Snapshots & My Thoughts is my 8th blog. Some were very short lived – like a week spent in Australia and another in the Philippines. I did a guest post on Say Yes to Happy and chronicled the journey there.

If you made it this far, you rock. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it more than you know!

Photos by Courtney Leigh and Nancy Aidee


  1. Oh Ailee, you are so funny! I love the list, learned a few things, and am hoping you aren’t currently getting stressed out. Heehee. xo

  2. Elizabeth Wilhite Reply

    Ok I am up with an overtired-from-school baby and confess I read the whole list! We have so much in common (re: corral, Jason Mraz wedding song (Lucky), and my sister is having a Scottish-themed wedding this winter, and theta duh) and so much not in common because I had beef fajitas for dinner, am a consummate joiner with a JLH meeting tomorrow and a lifelong insomniac… but still, we need to do lunch!!
    Elizabeth Wilhite

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