One of my close friends, Esther, owns our favorite clothing company – cuteheads. If you click around her site, you’ll see a familiar face wearing many of her gorgeous dresses. Basically, Isla wants to wear cuteheads every single day and every single night (the former, I encourage – the latter, I sometimes push back on! Ha). During the hurricane, Esther was living with her in-laws while their house was remodeled. As Houston was pelleted with rain, her in-laws house started to take on water, and unfortunately, so did hers. They evacuated by boat (all documented on her Insta-story), and while this devastating event would overwhelm many most, Esther remained positive and immediately began collecting donations from other small businesses. She is truly amazing and such an inspiration.

To show our support for her business, a few of her friends put together a giveaway to help people who lost everything in the floods. We’re giving away $75 cuteheads gift cards – see Rafflecopter below! You can enter to win for yourself, if you were impacted, or for someone else you know who was displaced. It’s really easy to enter too. Also, we’d love if you posted a photo on your Instagram with the hashtag #weloveourcuteheads, sharing why you and your little one(s) love this brand!

Click here to enter the giveaway

If you want to help contribute towards the gift cards (I’d love to give away as many as possible), please send me a quick email at Thank you! xo

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