First of all, happy Labor Day! It does not at all feel like a holiday weekend, so a bit odd to be saying that. The last week has felt surreal, to say the least. As I mentioned in my last blog post, my parent’s house took on tons of water as a result of the hurricane, and once they returned home from Colorado, the emotions were high and the amount of work that needed to take place was intense. Their neighborhood still had to be accessed by boat (as of yesterday), so getting things out of the house right now is difficult. They had a group of amazing volunteers help yesterday, and my parents are so appreciative for that! They hope to get in today (without water) to move more dry items out. My mom and dad also were in a mad dash to rent a house, since 100,000 homes were flooded as part of the flood – places are flying off the market. Fortunately, they signed a lease for a home at 7:30pm on Saturday. It was a huge relief to have that secured.

We did very little this past week, so I wanted to take the girls out of the house to do something fun on Saturday. We went to Levy Park, then had lunch with Meredith at Bebidas afterwards. It felt good to do something ‘normal’ after a crazy week. We have been trying to help as much as possible with the evacuees – it’s been interesting trying to explain to a three year old what we’re doing, but sweet to see her compassionate side come out when picking lightly worn clothing and toys to donate.

Although there were fewer than most weeks, some of the highlights from the past seven days included:

  • Aforementioned park and lunch date with Meredith
  • Multiple visits from my sister-in-law, Ivana, and sweet Milly Moo! Ah, I might steal her.
  • Taking Brittany’s son’s 2 month photos – George is a doll! I am obsessed with him.
  • Getting my eye brows done at The Brow Studio – I loved Sara so much! I am on a brow journey, as mine are sort of a mess right now (as is my face – hello stress breakout… I need tips!). I can’t wait to see them in a few months!
  • Having a Buff Burger lunch date with my sister, Jill, and future brother-in-law, Kevin, then having dinner with my older sister, Karine, on Sunday! Lots of family time when the ‘rents live with you! It’s been nice having them with us, despite high stress situation, because we’ve never had the opportunity to host them before.

I hope that you are enjoying your Labor Day, and if you’re busy cutting out dry wall in yours or someone else’s house, then God bless you, seriously.ย So, so grateful for all that people have already done for our family.


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