Hi from Destin! We are currently on vacation at the Hilton Hotel here, having a much-needed break from ‘real life.’ I have been sharing lots of photos on my Instagram: @snapshotsandmythoughts. The week before we left was definitely the busiest I’ve had all year, so it made this beach time even more enjoyable – ha. The girls started school before we left, so Isla got to go Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, while Emilia was at school on just Tuesday and Thursday. They both loved their teachers and seemed to adjust well. Isla is already looking forward to going back. While they were gone (and with the help of Ivana’s nanny, Maria, and our babysitter, Taylor), I fit in eight photo sessions in five days. It was exhausting, but productive. I also squeezed in a visit to my friend and hair stylist, Eric Vaughn. He gave me a short version of ‘the Isla’ hair color (why isn’t mine natural?!).

I love these sweet back-to-school boards that my friend, Monica of Paper Flour Ink, made. She is so talented!

I will be sharing more photos from our trip here in the next few days. For now, I’d love if you went and followed @hiltonsandestin, as I’m taking over their Instagram account for the next three days!

I hope y’all are already having a wonderful week. More soon! xo

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