Well, I’m glad we made it to Monday, because if you asked me yesterday at noon if I was going to survive the day, I would have told you ‘no.’ I haven’t had a stomach bug in years, but Isla and I were knocked off our feet with one this weekend. It hit me, then Isla, then Ivana, then Bob. Down for the count. Sasha, Emilia and Milly fortunately managed to avoid the bug, which I’m so grateful for – the babies, most importantly!

The other low-point for the week was saying farewell to one of my best friends, Destiny, who moved in with her parents in Vegas on Tuesday while they build a new house in Utah. I am so sad to see her, Sid, Truman and Tatum leave, but we are happy that they get to be closer to their families. Destiny is one of the sweetest people I have ever met – she has the biggest heart. I always tell Sasha, that she’s one of the rare people who I will meet with for lunch, and I feel like she is asking more questions than she is talking. She genuinely cares about what you have to say, and that is just one small example of how she cares for others. Des and Sid are going to Paris with us in February, which makes me SO HAPPY. I cannot wait! I hope we get to see them beforehand, but if not, a reunion in my favorite city on the world will be just perfect.

Despite the bout of sickness and a sad goodbye, the week was a good one, with some highlights being:

  • Celebrating Milly’s 6 month-iversary a few days late!
  • Doing a trial run of my photo course which I’ll offer very soon! I taught four friends and it went so much better than I anticipated! I am so excited to teach everyone!!
  • Taking Alex’s photos at our house – she gave Isla some bows and bracelets in these cute boxes, and it’s like Isla won the lottery. Every day, she goes over and looks in the boxes and picks one or two things to accessorize with. The cutest!
  • Going to the girls’ fall festival at school – Isla loved the bubbles and Emi loved the Chic-Fil-A cow!
  • Taking photos for Destiny, then saying the dreaded farewell!
  • Photographing Gaby’s gorgeous and ridiculously well-dressed family!

I hope y’all have a wonderful week and a very spooky Halloween! xo

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