A few days ago, Miss Emilia turned 9 months old, but we were down for the count that day, so there wasn’t much celebrating to be had. On Monday, we rallied and took a few of the (now dreaded) monthly photos. Emi is, much like most 9 month olds, constantly on-the-go, and doesn’t want to lay still for photos. Action shots are where we’re at now, or ones where she’s being held by me, because she still loves that.

At nine months old, Emi loves crawling, scaling walls/furniture, watching her big sister do just about anything, her Lulla doll, her blankets, eating (aggressively), saying, “Dadadadada” and lots of “b” sounds. If she’s anything like her sister, she’ll start off her speaking by calling to our dog, Belle. Ha. Why is Mama so hard?!

On Monday, Sasha took Emi to her checkup, and she is 17 pounds, 12 ounces (43rd percentile), 28 inches (65th percentile), and her head circumference is 18 inches (92nd percentile). How about that big ole head?! Just like her dad.

Sweet Emi Girl loves going to school – she always lights up when she sees her teachers, Mrs. Anto and Mrs. Juanita. They do lots of arts, crafts, playtime, music class, etc. and she loves hanging out with her one friend in class, Abby. She goes for 10 hours a week, which is just perfect for her to get out of the house and for me to get some work done during daylight hours.

Emi sleeps 7pm to 7am and typically naps two to three times per day (depending on how much running around we’re doing!). She eats all types of food, and claps her hands in appreciation of her favorites. She especially loves Silk yogurt, black beans, oatmeal, bananas, Mum Mums, fried eggs, macaroni and cheese, and raspberries (her favorite!). She could drink water all day long, which I’m totally jealous of because I rarely want it!

She now looks forward to her two books at night – one of which is always, “Good Night, I love you” which we always read to Isla. It’s wild to me that they can be so young, but get so excited at routine things you do!

We love this sweet girl. I cannot believe she’ll be one in less than 3 months!

Blurry pic, but this scrunchy nosed, happy, gummy smile is my favorite!

Emi at 8 Months

Per your 5/6 month update, that second-child syndrome: forgot to do an 8 month update… oh, and forgot to start your baby book. That’s what the Christmas holidays are for, right?!

Per my Instagram post:ย Miss Emilia is now clapping, speed crawling, consistently sleeping twelve hours through the night [eight months in, PTL ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ], putting absolutely everything she finds in her mouth, pulling up on all walls/objects to stand + constantly smiling except for when she’s in her high chair + her food supply ends ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸดWe’re now at the age where I almost give up on monthly photos because the struggle is real getting her to lay for even a split second. The ends of her hair are starting to curl, just like her sister’s did, but those locks are definitely more auburn + her skin, more translucently pale [#scottish through + through!].

During her eighth month, Emi went to the beach for the first time (Ah, Destin, I miss you!). She ate all of the sand she could sneak into her mouth before we swatted her hands. She was a happy little bub who slept lazily in the sun tent we setup. I had to basically dance around in the backseat for 4 of the 9 hour drive to keep her entertained, but we managed the drive there and back without tears, so that’s a win!


Emi at 1 month // Emi at 2 months // Emi at 3 and 4 months // Emi at 5 and 6 months // Emi at 7 months

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