Yesterday evening, we went to Montgomery to take photos with my sweet, insanely talented friend, Courtney Brown of Courtney Leigh Photography (who also took Emi’s newborn photos and our family photos last year). Y’all, they are my favorite photos ever. I cried looking through them and haven’t stopped scrolling since I got the album in my inbox (in legitimately the most record timing ever). These two girls of mine and that handsome husband – what more could I ask for? Oh wait, Belle!! We forgot to bring her! Ha! Poor pup. Our neglected first babe.

In all seriousness, I am going to print these this weekend to update galleries around the house! Sweet Emi isn’t in a single frame yet. Whoops! I was so worried about her being happy given that the drive is about an hour and she is much happier in the morning than evenings, but she actually did better than Isla. She seriously loved Courtney!

I tried to be selective, but as always, I am terrible at that! She did send 164 photos and it was a struggle to narrow down 100 favorites, then even more difficult to cut that in half for the blog. So alas, a ton of photos of the Petrovics in 2017!

PS Thank you, thank you to Maggie of Bramble & Bee for the gorgeous floral crowns and wreath! I loved these little touches. It was nice to feel a bit festive in 91 degree, humid Houston (in November, nonetheless!). Oh, and my dress is sold out, but the girls’ are still available at Gap! Isla’s here and Emi’s here.

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  1. You have such photogenic family! Your girls are both naturals plus Sasha seems (and looks) comfortable in front of the camera! I’m obsessed with your family, Ailee! <3

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