Happy Monday, and happiest 35th wedding anniversary to my parents! They are such a great example of a happily married couple, although Sasha should not take notes from my dad who has never turned on an iron, loaded a dishwasher and apparently never changed a dirty diaper. Thank goodness for Super Mum! Ha. It’s amazing how this “new generation” of dads are way more involved in the nitty-gritty. Perhaps our sons will learn how to help with middle-of-the-night newborn feedings?

I cannot believe that Halloween was just a week ago! Isla dictated the group’s costume theme this year, and although from January until August we had all been assigned Moana characters, the 11th hour change of plan was to be the Trolls crew. So Isla was Poppy, Sasha was Branch, Ivana was Bridget/Lady Glitter Sparkles, Bob was Biggie, Milly was Mr. Dinkles, I was Guy Diamond and Emi was the cloud. It was so much fun getting all costumed out! Photographic evidence below, of course.

How about that time change? Ah, to be without kiddos and actually get to enjoy an extra hour of sleep and not be woken up by two little ones at 6am! Alas, we’ve had two very productive mornings? Silver lining people!

The last week was very busy week with photos – some highlights listed below!

  • Trick or treating in the new neighborhood! We are so excited to actually be living there next year and not just pretending via Ivana and Bob!
  • Catching up with my friend, Alexis, over lunch at Adair – we had our two littlest ones there who, now that they’re eating, kept our hands very busy the whole time! Ha.
  • Going to Orange Theory Fitness twice – I’m still trying to decide what type of membership I want and if I should give up my Lifetime membership to get it! Decisions, decisions! But I do love OTF!
  • Taking photos at the new Sugar & Cloth Color Wall with Meredith and Monica (who later had a sweet cakepop delivery for Isla!)
  • Meeting Meredith again at The West Studios for some fun maternity/blog photos!
  • Visiting Brittany for George’s four month photos!
  • Taking Leah’s, Sydney’s, Nina’s and Ivana’s family photos (now to edit them all!!!!).
  • Going to Courtney’s for our family photos and then back to Montgomery on Saturday for her twins’ birthday party!
  • Eating family dinner at Peli Peli! Speaking of family, Sasha’s mom is back from a long trip to Serbia! We’re so happy to have her home!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend and that your Monday is off to a fantastic start! xo

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