Earlier this month, I received a Babbleboxx delivery – a box filled with fun, educational toys for Isla, gorgeous sparkling ballet flats, a pretty-patterned and very useful duffel, and a few other exciting items that I’ll go into further detail on below.

I loved everything we received and I plan on gifting several of the items to the little ones in our family for Christmas this year.

Helio: Night Light Projection

Of all the items in this Babbleboxx, the Helio projector is our favorite. This award-winning children’s educational night light projection system has a number of different screens you can put on that projects different lessons onto the ceiling (or a wall would work too!). Isla loves having a night light, and this has replaced her old Paw Patrol one. She learned every planet (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury, the Sun! I’ve got them down too!) within the first week of using the projector. It’s amazing. We’ve moved onto different animals and how long they sleep for, and I’ve ordered a few discs from their site: Addition and Nursery Rhymes.

You can order directly from the Helio site here (Enter “LearningLight” as a discount code to buy one Helio and get the second one for $34.95. Code valid through April 2018).

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WowWee: Magnaflex

Isla loves playing with the WowWee Magnaflex. She has a similar toy at school that she’s been talking about and was so excited to have these magnetic flexible bands to experiment with at home. Her favorite things to make so far are necklaces and crowns. The kit comes with several colorful magnetic strips so your kids (boys or girls) can create animals, vehicles, or really anything they want. We are going to try to make an octopus next!

I would definitely recommend this as a gift for your kiddos for Christmas. They will love it.

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Candlewick Press: The Wonderling by Mira Bartok

The next item in our Babbleboxx was a book called “The Wonderling” by Mira Bartok. I plan on gifting this to my younger cousin for Christmas since it is more for kids 10-14 years old.

“The Wonderling” is an adorable story about a little fox who only has one ear and a strong desire to fit in and belong. I’m excited for my cousin to read this book because it encourages that no matter your size or stature, you can make a positive change in the world. I also pray that she (as well as my little girls) has empathy towards others, and I love how this book supports that as well. It is filled with fantasy, adventure, and friendship and it is a great read.

You can find this book at http://www.candlewick.com and if you use the Promo Code: CANDLEWICK – you will receive 25% off your order and FREE shipping!

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PEZ: Christmas Ornament Collection & Holiday Tube

Who didn’t love PEZ when they were younger?  I was excited to share these with my girls when I saw them in our delivery and they are the perfect stocking stuffer. We received a mini PEZ that came in an adorable Christmas ornament, as well as a cute snowman PEZ that came with two extra candy refills. Isla already put the ornament up on our tree (of course this was after she ate the candy first). 

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Petlanthropy: Donation Gift Cards

Petlanthropy is an awesome organization that helps save thousands of dogs and cats each year. What is even more amazing is that 100% of your tax deductible donation goes directly to lifesaving and helping homeless, neglected and abused animals!

I received a $25 gift card and starting on December 24th, the girls and I are going to logon and select a shelter to donate it to. I am going to search for a shelter here in Houston because I would love to help a local shelter that may have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

This is a great gift for any animal lover or for someone who loves to give back to the community. Also, you’ll receive special furry and fun surprises when you purchase, share and gift Petlanthropy Donation Gift Cards.

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Vince Camuto: Shoes

These shoes are adorable! We will be gifting them to Isla’s second cousin who is in elementary school because they are a little too big for her (sorry, Isla!).  They are the girls’ Pietra Studded Ballet Flat and they are very cute and stylish. The hot pink detail and glitter make it the perfect gift for the little girly girl in your life.

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Viv + Lou: Duffel bag

The last item we received in our Babbleboxx was the BoViv + Lou duffel bag. It has a cute floral print on a navy background and it is the perfect kids’ travel bag. I plan on personalizing it with Isla’s monogram too!

Also, if you use the unique discount code: SNAPSHOTS you will receive 25% off site wide.

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Hope you enjoyed my review of all of the wonderful products I received from Babblebox! Any of these goodies would be perfect gifts for the kids in your life this Christmas – Happy gifting!

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