I am in total denial. Our little Emilia is eleven months old today. Her first birthday invitations are out – how in the world are we here already? 2017 has certainly flown by. We flew to Durango on Wednesday, and wow, I had forgotten how difficult it is to hold an active tot down for 4.5 hours (total) on airplanes! Ha. At eleven months, Emi is getting into absolutely everything, eating any and everything put in front of her, standing up on her own, but not showing too much interest in walking.

Her hair is always unruly and is a strawberry blonde/auburn color, her eyes are blue-blue, she has only two bottom teeth (gummy like her big sister, who only had two at her first birthday as well!), she makes the funniest little scrunchy nose when she smiles her biggest smile, she will pull out any bow when she realizes it’s in her hair, and she says Mama (least often, sadly!), Dada (all day, every day), Baba, and Behhh (for Belle, exactly like Isla did). Her favorite food this month was definitely blueberries and her Baba’s vegetable soup. She still naps twice a day, waking up around 7am and going to bed around 7pm. Her favorite person oscillates between me and Isla, but loves her daddy so much. She always lights up when she sees him in the morning after he gets back in town the night before. She experienced the worst cold she’s had thus far earlier this month. It was so sad to see her snotty, runny eyes, and coughing non-stop. Emi loves to give high-fives and to clap. At Christmas Eve service, she was thrown off by the loud music, but when the songs ended and we would all clap, she went crazy.

She is such a joyful little baby and we love her so, so much. I feel like the luckiest person in the world that I get to be here mama. I love you, Emi Girl!

Belle and Isla are always right there as I try to pin Emi down for her monthly pics! Ha.

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