A very slight dip in the weather, the looped Glee Christmas soundtrack and a lit Christmas tree has finally got me feeling a bit festive! I have two more weekends of family photos, then I am done for the year, as we’re heading to Colorado right after Christmas. I am ready to relax! And by that, I mean plan Emi’s first birthday party (sob).

I am in the middle of finishing up edits on a family session from the weekend, so this week in review will be short and sweet (I totally write these as diary entries and pretend nobody is reading – perhaps they aren’t?). Alas, some highlights from the past week include:

  • A fun family day on Saturday – we went to the new Sugar & Cloth colorwall, adventured around Discovery Green, ate lunch at Tout Suite, then went to go and meet Santa. Isla nervously ran up, showed him the list she wrote, then ran away and started crying – which was great for Emi, whom, gauging her sister’s reaction, did the same. We didn’t even get a photo of Isla, but did get a classic crying one of sweet Emi girl. Don’t worry, I scooped her up very quickly.
  • Celebrating Emi’s 10-month-iversary!
  • Visiting one of my best friends, Brittany, who has had a rough 2017 and just got home from the hospital/surgery last week. It was good to catch up and she had Emi in fits of giggles, which was the cutest.
  • Photographing part of Meredith’s house remodel. It’s all goals, goals, goals. I don’t want to spoil the reveal, but shared two photos of her gorgeous guest bath!
  • Seeing Emi progress in her walking and standing. I still can’t picture her walking by herself, but it’s insane to even see her stand for 10-20 seconds by herself before buckling those knees to get into her favorite crawling position.
  • Photographing Monica’s UNREAL gingerbread “house” – i.e. Minute Maid Park. Scroll down – you have to see this! We also did two Orange Theory classes together and I totally got my butt kicked both times.
  • Stamping, sticking, assembling Christmas cards – just waiting on one last touch before they go out! And I got a new Artifact Uprising photo book in the mail. Happiest mail day!
  • Photographing Britt’s sweet babe, George, for his five month update. I’m obsessed with him!
  • Eating an impromptu lunch with my sister, Karine, as she is now working near our house!

I hope y’all have the best week! Christmas countdown: 21 days! Unreal!

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