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Emi’s Closet Organization

Earlier this week, @ProjectNursery posted a photo of Emi’s closet (taken before she was born!), which is always exciting to see. As a result, I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking about where I got various organizational products. When I posted her nursery photos earlier this year, they spurred many of the same questions. Since I bought most of the items in-store at The Container Store, it wasn’t very easy to find them on site, but I finally tracked everything down and it’s all linked below!

I am not the most organized person, but since this closet is hyper-organized, it has been so easy to maintain. Everything has it’s proper place, so when I’m putting things away, I know exactly where to put it. Bottle components on the right, diapers, shoes on the left. Swaddles, swaddle sacks, baby-wearing in the tubs, clothes hung up by size. It’s also easier for me to put things away now that I’ve put away all newborn to six month clothing. I love Emi’s little room and her closet – it calms my OCD soul! Ha. I hope the links below are helpful! Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

Components of Emi’s Closet

1) elfa utility Medium Basket White // 2) Blank Closet Rod Divider  // 3) elfa utility Large Mesh Basket White // 4) Men’s Drop-Front Shoe Box Translucent // 5) Kid’s Huggable Hangers in Ivory (some with Ultra Slim Finger Clips) // 6) elfa utility Small Basket White // 7) elfa Utility Media Rack White // 8) elfa utility Square Box Translucent // 9) 3-Drawer Storage Chest (I didn’t add the wheels) // 10) 77-3/4″ elfa Mounted Standard White with elfa utility Residential Overdoor Hooks White Set of 2

Another amazing The Container Store find – 24-Pocket Mesh Overdoor Shoe Bag White – for our bows!! I got a lot of questions about this when I posted it to Instagram as well!


Isla’s New Butterfly Bedding

I have recently shared tons of photos of sweet Emilia’s nursery on Instagram and here on the blog, which may be the reason I’ve had people email and direct message me asking for details about Isla’s bedroom. Truth be told, I don’t share a lot of photos in her room, but that’s due to two big reasons: 1) Despite how bright the photos may look below (super, super high ISO used), Isla’s bedroom has by far the least amount of natural light in the whole house due to a covered patio being right outside her window. This makes it less than ideal for photos. 2) When we moved Isla into a big bed (this Land of Nod one!), it was around the time we bought our new lot to begin the house building process (a very, very long one!). I didn’t want to spend a lot of time and effort re-vamping Isla’s nursery into a big girl room, knowing that I’d redo it when we moved house (already have grand plans for this!). So we basically kept everything the same, just moved her crib and glider into Emi’s nursery. Alas, most of the items from her room are those from her nursery (post with now-cringeworthy photos here).

I had purchased white bedding from Target last year during the transition, but it was very dirty by now, so yesterday, we put this new butterfly bedding on her bed as a temporary refresh! She was ecstatic about this $37.99 purchase! Ha.

So here you go, a few photos of Isla’s bedroom, pre-‘big-girl-ification’ next year! I love all of the memories that have been made in this space – it’s going to be hard to leave the house we got engaged in and brought our two girls home to from the hospital (more like three, because Milly came here from the hospital too!).

Isla’s Forest-Inspired Durango Room with Mouse + Magpie

We’ve only been home for one day, and I’m already missing that gorgeous Colorado weather, the walkability of Durango, and the relaxing family time. I have had a few people ask about where we stay when we’re there, and the answer is that my parent’s bought a vacation house there in 2012 after visiting for a bike race a few years earlier. We visited for the first time in 2013 (twice), then have been fortunate enough to spend 4-6 weeks a year there since Isla was born in 2014.

The house has four bedrooms on the second floor, then a third floor with little rooms with sloped, roofline ceilings. Isla has historically just slept on the second floor next to us, but as she’s gotten older, she has spent more and more time on the third floor. The three third-floor bedrooms rarely have people stay in them, so they were sparsely furnished with beds and a nightstand. On our first day in Durango, Isla went upstairs and laid her claim on the north facing bedroom. She loves being up there! I thought it would be fun to decorate the tiny little room!

As soon as I saw the adorable products on Mouse + Magpie‘s website, I knew I wanted to do a forest-themed room, with rabbits, owls and squirrels everywhere. Mouse + Magpie is a child inspired, adult curated collection of delightfully designed products and furnishings created specifically for little people with big imaginations.

The recently launched company currently includes a series of bedroom items, such as framed art, prints, pillows, blankets and lamps. I chose one of each! The Mouse + Magpie items in the room are the Squirrel Lamp, Patchwork Sherpa Blanket, Busy Squirrel Banner Pillow, Squirrel Clock, Busy Squirrel Banner Print, Squirrel Friends Framed Print, and Framed Squirrel Friends Print. I am obsessed with all of them, but my favorite is probably the sweet squirrel friends pillow. That print is so adorable!

Our Master Bedroom Redesign

Ailee Petrovic Master Bedroom Ethan Allen Modern White Clean Contemporary Pop Color

Do you remember way back in January when I posted about my interior design process? I also included a rendering of my vision for our master bedroom redesign, which is pretty darn close to the final product (it only took 9.5 long months to come to fruition!). We recently got the house repainted, and I’m really glad we chose Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore. It’s as close to white as Sasha would let me go! Our room is pretty spacious (perhaps just given that our house is not big!), so last year, we decided to forego the office to make it a playroom and move my desk into our bedroom. I love working in here now that the redesign is complete. It feels calm and airy, with bright pops of color from our pillows, bookshelves and art.

Decorist Makeover: Your Opinion Wanted

DecoristIn the spring, I had a conversation with a good friend about how the interior design industry has changed recently given the popularity of sites like Houzz and Pinterest. What used to be an intimate face-to-face process has become something that can now take place virtually. Interior designers do not need to walk into your house in order to style a room, they can do it all remotely, and I love this.

Just days after having this discussion, Decorist reached out asking to do a collaboration. I went to their site and was immediately sold. I spent ages and ages looking through the design inspiration, and learning about how the design process works.