Favorite Looks of the Week


Favorite Looks of the Week

As I mentioned on Wednesday, the weather in Houston this week has been less than desirable, with gray skies and constant drizzles. My favorite fashion bloggers clearly had sunnier conditions, as there was a lot of spring and summer apparel worn in this week’s posts. I’m ready to put on a sun dress, wide brimmed hat and sandals and hit the beach. Unfortunately, we don’t have any ocean-side vacations planned any time soon. Alas, I will continue to live vicariously through Julia Engel and Amber Fillerup Clark.

I adore Maya’s amazing leather jacket, Rachel’s bright heels (and belly!), Julia’s structured dress, Nichole’s bralette (and rocking abs!), Amber’s patterned swimsuit, Sarah’s eternally preppy beach look, Sam’s fairy-like skirt, Wendy’s wind-blown dress, Brighton’s high-low tunic, and Caitlin’s off-the-shoulder blouse.

Given that I am totally craving summery weather, I’ve put together a collection of some of my favorite warm-weather pieces. Which is your favorite? If you’re reading this in mobile view, go to the home page and click on ‘Shop This Post.’

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Favorite Looks of the Week

I cannot believe it is Friday. This has to have been the fastest week of my life, and I didn’t get much done either! I’m excited for a fun weekend ahead, as I get to catch-up with a number of friends I haven’t seen in awhile.

From the freezing temperatures in New York City to the sunny beaches of Maui, my favorite bloggers were spread all over the place, so there is quite a variety in this week’s top ten. Given my absolute adoration of big bows, Julia Engel’s look definitely wins the #1 spot. I want her Kate Spade blouse so badly, as well as that scalloped coat (which I posted about recently here). Lauren of Murphy’s Law also wore a large black bow paired with a cream blouse while in NYC, and I love the whole outfit!

In honor of this week’s big bows, I am sharing a few of my favorite bow items – dresses, blouses, and swimsuits. One of my favorite items is this blouse from Forever 21 which is less than $20! This ISSA dress is a litttttle out of my budget, but I absolutely adore it. Are you into big bows? Which of these looks is your favorite?

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Favorite Looks of the week

There are certain times when I ‘give some serious thought to thanking my lucky stars I’m in Texas’ (Goode Co. reference for all you Houstonians out there!), and this week was one of them. I watched on the news as snow piled up stories high in Boston, and women ran around the streets of NYC in haute couture, freezing their butts off! We felt a dip in the weather at the beginning of the week in Houston, but are back in the high 60s towards the end.

The only sad part about the very intermittent cold weather (and this is me scrambling for cons) is that you don’t really buy a lot of fancy outerwear, as it isn’t required or worn for more than a week or two. So as I looked from blog to blog at girls in their gorgeous faux-fur vests, I felt a tinge of jealousy. Then, I saw that Maya of My Life as Maya wore one in California (post here), and I thought to myself, ‘I can still get one!’ So voila, enter vest shopping! Here are some of my favorite decently priced vests.

My most favorite looks this week are probably Maya’s because I adore her floral blazer and Rachel’s because how-the-heck does she look so good pregnant? Which of these looks is your favorite?

In case you missed it, check out my ‘10 things you may not know about me‘ post from earlier this week – there may be some surprises in it! Have a great weekend! xo

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Favorite Looks of the Week

I really missed out by not getting a pink pea coat this winter, and I’m reminded of that this week with Rachel’s gorgeous pale pink jacket. That was definitely my favorite trend of the season. Fortunately, I’m not too concerned with something being ‘so last season’ and may buy one now, even though it’s already feeling like spring in Houston. I love getting jackets and boots around this time of year on sale and having it feel like I’m getting a present when they’re worn for the first time in November. I found a handful of gorgeous pink coats, some a tad more expensive and some reasonably priced on sale. Which is your favorite? Of course, I gravitate towards a pricier option, but this BOSS coat from Harrods is classy and simple and ohmygosh…. seriously adore.

I absolutely love all of the white lace popping up on blogs this week, like Julia Engel’s little white lacy number and the more casual dresses worn by Jessica of Tuula Vintage and Samantha of Could I Have That?

Last week, Jenny of Jenny Journey mentioned the fashion blogger Arielle of Something Navy. I’ve featured her in the past (here, here, here and here) – she has incredible style. Jenny (who is close friends with my beautiful SIL) said that she looks like Ivana and our cousin, Natalia. It’s insane how similar they look. I once took a screenshot of Arielle and sent it to Natalia, and even she thought it was crazy how much they resembled each other! I want a beautiful doppleganger like that! Is there anyone that people say you look like? I’d love to know. I used to get told Brittany Snow when John Tucker Must Die and Pitch Perfect came out, but I honestly don’t see it at all!

Also, which is your favorite look this week? I would never be able to pull them off, but Chiara and her glittery blue shoes may win. She pulls of casual cool so well.

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Favorite Looks of the Week

As I mentioned last week, I love including new faces in my Favorite Looks of the Week posts. Thank you, Jenny (of Jenny Journey) for your recommendations last week – I absolutely adore the blogs you shared. Shea (of Peace Love Shea) could be Jenny’s twin, and I really like her style.

There is quite a big difference in seasonal attire this week, as Julia posted an outfit from St. Lucia and Amber and her adorable son, Atticus, were braving the snow in New York City. My favorite outfit of the bunch is Maya’s (of My Life as Maya). I love the ripped shorts, fringed boots, scarf and coat. It is the definition of effortless chic.

Last, but not least – have you entered the Kendra Scott Isla necklace giveaway? It ends at midnight tonight, so don’t wait much longer!

Which outfit do you like the most?

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