GIRLBOSS: Phuong of Mibellarosa

Girlboss_Phuong_MibellarosaI think it would be impossible for me to envy Phuong Nguyen’s talents more than I already do. This post took me ages and ages to write, because every reference link she sent me, I gazed longingly at every detail of the photos. Phuong is the owner of Mibellarosa Designs, a design studio based in Houston, specializing in (exceptional beautiful!) event planning and floral designs. I first worked with Phuong on a Valentine’s shoot I did with Destiny, and the florals she created were unbelievable.  

Shortly after that, I ordered an Omakase vase (translation: “I’ll leave it up to you” – Phuong’s selection!) for Caroline Knapp on her birthday (on her Instagram here), and I felt it was the perfect way to give someone (who has lots of gorgeous things already!) a thoughtful gift. I will definitely be ordering more for other friends’ birthdays. I can’t wait to work with Phuong again – hopefully soon! 

You’ll quickly scroll through this post (before reading it in great detail, of course) and go googly-eyed over the florals she has created and her incredible styling She has the best taste (true story, I’ve had Police’s ‘Every Little Thing She Does is Magic’ stuck in my head the entire time I’ve worked on this post – not a coincidence!). So without further ado…


GIRLBOSS: Megan of Willow Crowns


I first met Megan this spring – the morning that we were both on Great Day Houston (alongside Esther, also featured in the #GIRLBOSS series). We chatted for about 3 minutes, exchanged each other’s Instagram details and just like that became real life friends (an important distinction in this day and age!). There are some people in life you click with immediately, and Megan is one of those people. We’ve had a handful of playdates in the past few months (hence lots of Isla photos on her feed!), and I am always ready to get the next one on the books. 

Megan is an amazing business woman and the owner of a gorgeous hair accessories shop – Willow Crowns. Megan and her business partner, Stephanie, believe ” in good hair days every day,” which is easy when you a) have gorgeous hair like Megan and b) have a ton of amazing headbands at your fingertips.

#GIRLBOSS: Ryann of nineOnine creative

GirlBoss_Ryann_nine0nine_creativeI first met Ryann at a Cocktails for Creatives AIGA event at Julep in June, and I knew immediately that we would become friends. As a fellow paper lover, I have a sincere admiration for Ryann’s work as a stationery and graphic designer. She is the owner of nine0nine creative, which she explains the meaning of below in her interview. 

I took head shots and product photographs for Ryann two weeks ago (fighting Mother Nature the best we could!) at Meredith’s house, and we had so many good laughs. Her stationery sets are seriously so gorgeous – I love her work, and I’m excited to introduce her as my most recent #GIRLBOSS (read past interviews here).

#GIRLBOSS: Esther of cuteheads

Esther_CuteHeads_GirlbossI first met Esther (owner of cuteheads) when we both were on Great Day Houston on the same day (related post here).  We had a very brief introduction, but I knew immediately that I liked her. After a few months of Instagram following, liking and commenting (i.e. modern day bonding!), we met up again with a group of Houston mamas for a splash pad playdate in June. Although we all spent most of the time running around after our crazy kiddos, Esther and I got to chat a bit more, and the craziest thing is that I already feel like I’ve known her for ages and ages. She’s just one of those likable people (a common trait amongst all of the ladies I’ll feature in the #GIRLBOSS series).

Besides being incredibly sweet, this working mama is unbelievably talented. Her clothing is adorable – my favorites being this chambray pom-pom romper (that Isla owns!), this blue and white zebra romper, this seersucker dress, and this (sadly sold out!) Carrie top. I also adore the cuteheads custom dresses that Esther makes and will occasionally post photos of on Instagram (like this one and this one). Her skills are endless!

#GIRLBOSS: Joy of Priya


My friendship with Joy dates back fifteen years to the very glittery days of competitive cheerleading in 6th grade. Joy and I remained good friends throughout middle school, high school, college (in different cities), and now see each other every few months (although I wish it was more often!) now that we’re both living in Houston. It is safe to say that I adore Joy. She is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. Not only is she incredibly talented with apparel design, she is also a savvy business owner, as well as being a dedicated philanthropist (more details below!).

Joy is definitely one of my business role models. After graduating from The University of St. Thomas in 2011, Joy launched Priya, which originally sold artisan-crafted silk purses and bangles made by women in Asia who had been taken out of human trafficking and were being taught useful skills like sewing. In 2014, Priya debuted its first contemporary jewelry collection – the Zama Collection, which I posted about here. I adore all of Joy’s gorgeous pieces of jewelry, and I cannot wait to watch as Priya continues to evolve.

Joy launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday to raise $30,000 to help support The Priya Foundation. I encourage you to watch the video, read the interview below, scour the Priya website, and if you feel moved by this cause, then support this campaign. I can guarantee you that the money will be put to good use.