Week in Review

Hi from Destin! We are currently on vacation at the Hilton Hotel here, having a much-needed break from ‘real life.’ I have been sharing lots of photos on my Instagram: @snapshotsandmythoughts. The week before we left was definitely the busiest I’ve had all year, so it made this beach time even more enjoyable – ha. The girls started school before we left, so Isla got to go Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, while Emilia was at school on just Tuesday and Thursday. They both loved their teachers and seemed to adjust well. Isla is already looking forward to going back. While they were gone (and with the help of Ivana’s nanny, Maria, and our babysitter, Taylor), I fit in eight photo sessions in five days. It was exhausting, but productive. I also squeezed in a visit to my friend and hair stylist, Eric Vaughn. He gave me a short version of ‘the Isla’ hair color (why isn’t mine natural?!).

I love these sweet back-to-school boards that my friend, Monica of Paper Flour Ink, made. She is so talented!

I will be sharing more photos from our trip here in the next few days. For now, I’d love if you went and followed @hiltonsandestin, as I’m taking over their Instagram account for the next three days!

I hope y’all are already having a wonderful week. More soon! xo

Week in Review

It’s Monday evening, and the house is quiet (which feels strange). I’ve got a cup of HEB Texas Pecan decaf coffee in my hand and am ready to tackle my inbox, once and for all! [or at least a little bit, so if I email you tonight, please reply tomorrow for my sanity! Ha.]

These weeks are just flying by (do I sound like a broken record yet?), partly because I have a baby and time will do that to you when they’re super young. Also because we are keeping busy around here! Some of the highlights from the past week include:

  • Isla attending yoga camp at BIG Power Yoga. Okay, y’all. I still cannot handle the cuteness of her journal that has a polaroid of her every day, doing a different yoga pose. I’m not even a yogi, but she loved it and I did because of that!! I wish she could do it again this week!
  • Taking Destiny’s blog photos at CityCentre! I am obsessed with all of her Nordstrom sale finds!
  • Having a photo/play date with Megan – I brought Ivana and Milly along with us! So sweet having Isa, Milly and Emi all together, lounging with us while the big girls swam.
  • Taking Carrie’s daughter’s one month photos. Ohhh, she is the cutest!
  • Keeping up with our tradition of pizza night with Ivana and Bob, but instead of being on Friday, we swapped it to Saturday, so that we could do a Semple family dinner in Katy – one last hoorah before my cousins left for Scotland!
  • Having Sasha’s mom and stepdad over for lunch Sunday! Donna saved the day by running to get Emi some Desitin to help her diaper rash.
  • Trekking my cousins around the city on Thursday to show them some photographic highlights, like the Greetings from Houston sign and the Water Wall! We ate ice cream at Creamistry and ohhhmygosh. It is way, way too good.
  • Eating dinner with my parents on Sunday night at Peli Peli Kitchen – it has been our tradition, and I loveeee traditions.
  • Finally getting my bootie back at LifeTime almost every day. It feels GREAT to be back in a routine!
  • Planting flowers in our yard. This was very overdue, but we got fresh mulch and I was finally inspired! Thankful for my Moana helper (see below!).
  • Eating a cousins lunch (delicious Niko Nikos!) at Oliver and Angie’s (Sasha’s cousins) house. 

Y’all, it’s amazing how hard that is for me to recall things I did in the past week! You should try making a list of the ten favorite things you did last week. This being said, I am always nervous I’m forgetting, “Lunch with so-and-so”! Ha. I am praying that my full brain returns one day. 

In the meantime, I hope y’all have the best week ever!

Week in Review

We’re leaving for Colorado this evening (driving… yikes!), and so the past two days have been crazy, trying to fit things in before we head out of town. So despite the dreaded 15 hour car ride, I am very, very ready for this vacation! Two of our best friends are meeting us in Durango with their two adorable kiddos, and I’m so eager for the reunion (tons and tons of impending photos!). 

Last week flew by quickly, and it was a wonderful as a whole, although we did have one low point. Our family’s dog, Missy, was put to sleep on Friday, leaving us very sad. Missy has been a part of our family for over a decade, and we’ll all miss her!

Some of the happy moments from the past week included:

  • Shooting with Carrie, Lyndsey and Elly all across town for their blogs
  • Taking family photos for Lauren of Laureen Loves – Braden was too, too cute
  • Having a splash pad play date with Destiny and Truman at the most fun pool close to their house
  • Eating lunch with Megan, Alexis, Destiny and Courtney at Ruggles Green – the kids were red in the face from running around the Green! It is so hot outside right now
  • Co-hosting Jessica’s baby shower at our house
  • Taking product photos for Mari of M+M Couture
  • Going to church at Bayou City Fellowship with Sasha’s Aunt Zlata and then lunch at Counter Burger with Bob and Ivana (we also ate pizza at MOD with them on Friday – so happy Ivana is back in Houston!!!) 
  • Eating dinner with my family at our house on Thursday before my parents headed out of town on Saturday to go to the UK
  • Celebrating our three year anniversary – to be celebrated with an actual date night at some point soon


A Lot to Love About Texas


This post is sponsored by Ozarka; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Although I was born Scotland and all of my extended family still live in the UK, Texas definitely feels like home. I always bug Sasha about becoming an ex-pat so that we can travel the world (à la the Montgomerys), but I definitely love living here in the Lone Star State.  Houston has so much to offer – from sprawling parks to nationally acclaimed restaurants, one of the best zoos in the country, the highest ranked Medical Center in the world, a wide variety of shops… I could go on and on. Within hours, you can get to Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas – three exciting cities with their own lengthy brag sheets. 

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes


It has been far too long since I baked anything, as I went a litttttle crazy after Mara gave me this raw vegan cookbook for Christmas (it’s amazing, and I highly recommend you buy it!). After making delicious treats almost every other day, I think Sasha and I both needed a cleanse from pitted dates (essentials in raw ‘baking,’ and also one of my favorite foods on the planet). 

After shooting Meredith’s cocktail last week, I remembered how much fun I have doing recipe posts and so decided to play around in the kitchen to create a delicious healthy chocolate cupcake. After a few (ahem) failed attempts, I have created a delicious and fudgy cake that tastes delicious even without the vegan cream cheese icing (but it’s definitely a yummy bonus). 

As soon as the cupcakes had cooled from the oven, I let Isla taste test the first one. She literally smooshed it into her mouth in order to eat it quicker (and I had to squat Belle away, as she kept trying to get a bite). Then Isla stood with her hands on the kitchen cabinets and said, “Mowwwwww” (her attempt at “More”). Then Sasha got home and ate about five. So needless to say, they’re tasty – and easy to make! If the photos tickle your fancy, then give them a try and make sure to let me know if you love them!