Durango City Guide


In 2012, my parents bought a home in Durango, much to our dismay, as we were rooting for a lake house in Austin. We are now so glad they ignored our pleas, as this old-timey city has definitely won over our hearts (and the lack of Texas humidity is a huge bonus). Durango has everything you could possibly need in a getaway city – great food and drinks, amazing views, fun activities, good shopping (well, not high fashion), and perfect weather (ahem, except perhaps the freezing cold winters). We’re fortunate enough to live just two streets over from Main Avenue, which is where most of the restaurants and shops are found. Given that most things in Texas are driving distance, it’s nice to be able to walk to dinner. We also take advantage of the proximity to the mountains and Animas river, and spend the days outside hiking, biking, rafting, running, etc.

If you’re looking for a fun Colorado vacation spot, I highly recommend making a trip to Durango. And if you come, I suggest trying some of the following restaurants, juice bars, ice cream shops, parks and adventure centers. If you have already been to Durango, am I missing anything?

 Food and Drinks

Carver’s Brewing Co.: This brewery is a favorite in our family, as it’s just two streets over from my parent’s house and the food is delicious. I typically order the Sesame Seared Ahi Stir Fry (substitute tofu for Ahi) or the veggie burger without the bun and a salad versus fries. Both options are delicious. Sasha normally gets the Tatanka (buffalo) burger and also loves it. They have big to-go beers called “Growlers” (discounted refills), so naturally Sasha and Dad have to drink one or two of those to prove their Colorado manliness.

Week 6 in Durango

Week six has come and gone, leaving Isla almost 12 weeks old and us with only a few weeks left in Colorado. We had our favorite weekend so far, given that one of my best friends, Kirby, her husband, Brett, and their adorable 7 week old, Lillian, came to visit us. They arrived on Thursday, and we filled the next four days with multiple hikes, raft rides, walks through town, a visit to Durango Mountain Resort, and plenty of laughter and relaxation at the house. After the girls went down, we played games like Taboo (obsessed) and categories (we amazed the boys with our sports knowledge). It is such a blessing to have a best friend with a daughter so close in age to Isla – now we just need them to move to Texas from Oklahoma City!

Below you’ll find some photographs from the past week – lots of Lillian and Isla, including her new sassy shorts from Sugarplum Lane. Only two more weeks left! I cannot believe it.

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Me and my sleepy head while at Durango Mountain Resort


Two generations of best friends

Sneak peak of my floral arrangement for week 2 of Nicole’s Classes




Isla was cracking me up during the taking of these pictures – that tongue! Similar J. Crew onesie and similar RH Baby & Child Lovey



The future best friends in their matching Baby Gap rompers



Our OKC Thunder loving lady and squeaky Sophie



Kirby and her mini-me, Lillian, in this sweet J. Crew polka dot onesie


These are my new favorite shorts ever – can I get a pair?


Isla loves her Sugarplum Lane shorts and Carter’s top


Serious father-daughter conversations (those are some serious duck lips!)




Isla is one messy lady, so we’re loving these J. Crew tanks – puke resistant!


Brett was prepping for the alpine slide race with Sasha | Cutest dads ever | The view of downtown Durango from our morning hikes


Highlights of Week One in Durango

We’ve been in Durango for just over a week now, and we are loving it. Sasha said to me yesterday, “You realize the most important and stressful decision we make all day is what we’re going to eat for dinner.” I laughed – but it’s true. We go on about four to five walks a day, as my parents live within 5 minutes of the grocery store, Main Street where all of the restaurants and shops are, Animas River, and mountain trails. My Nike Fuel Band is back in action! I wrote a Durango Travel Guide post last year, but I definitely have to update it after trying many new restaurants, juice bars and ice cream shops. I’ve put together an assortment of photos from our first week – as you can tell, I’ve been very trigger happy as of late.

What are your summer plans?

PS Happy birthday, Mum and Karine!


Isla flew from Houston to Denver to Durango and slept through every second of it (thank you, Lord!)


Walking to Durango Joe’s for morning coffee with the whole Petrovic family


Hiking and biking (while the grandparents were here to babysit!)


I finally found a bow that is semi-appropriately sized for a newborn – and a tutu dress from my sweet co-workers!


Celebrating our one year anniversary — with dinner and on a raft!


My favorite bow romper from Paola (I love Janie and Jack!) and our romantic rooftop anniversary dinner


Staring at that face all day and praying she always wants to hold my hand


Geared up for a day on the water (another Paola gift!) and a wet pup from lots of Animas River swimming


Isla’s new nap place – the BabyBjorn – and a tired tanner in her Baby Gap swimsuit from Erin


Navajo State Park adventures with the whole family (Isla slept through the entire experience)


A sneak peak of Isla’s newborn photos from Taylor Lord and I’ve finally sent all of the birth announcements!


Father-daughter bonding moments that make me heart melt


Hamming it up – and wearing her UT apparel! Girl’s gonna be a Longhorn fan, for sure

Our Durango Adventure

large copyI learned two of my favorite quotes from my American Literature course at The University of Texas at Austin. Both relate to nature (such a treehugger!). I posted the Thoreau quote here. The other one is a quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s: “Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail.” I love the thought of creating your own path in life – taking unexpected turns and making ad hoc decisions. Cue the decision for Sasha and I to move to Durango, Colorado for 8 weeks. We tossed around the idea one day while walking our dog (pre-Isla) and sort of said, “why not?” Sasha put in his two weeks at work this week, and I’m taking maternity leave until mid-September – our adventure will start in two weeks, after Sasha finishes his capstone assignment in Austin. I am so excited. Our days will involve hikes, bikes, walks, playing horse shoe, reading on the patio, walking along Main Street, and letting Isla become “one with nature” (ha). I’ve never been so ready for an adventure in my life! I’m ready to leave our trail.

You can read my Durango travel guide here

Pictures from my sister’s wedding weekend in Durango here

A Weekend Well-Spent

Sasha and I headed to Austin at the crack of dawn on Saturday, after spending Friday with one of my best friends, Kirby, who flew in town from Oklahoma City for her baby shower (she’s due exactly 4 weeks after me!). We had plans to meet my childhood best-friend – Alisdair, (we met before we were one years old in Scotland), who came to live with us in Texas for his senior year of high school, then ended up going to The University of Texas at Austin with me and married an Austinite! They moved back to Scotland last year, much to my dismay, and I only get to see him once a year, so I was anxious to hug him and Erica. We stayed with another best friend, Sophee, at her gorgeous house (where we spent my bachelorette weekend!). She recently got engaged to Johnny (who took many of these wedding preview pics) – they are the sweetest, most attractive couple ever (see pictures of them at our rehearsal here). I am over-the-moon excited to be one of her bridesmaids next March. Her invitation was perfect (see picture below!).

In the late afternoon, we went to one of my good friend’s wedding – Eric and I have been close since fourth grade! Him and Alisdair also became best friends during our senior year, so we’re one big happy family. Stephanie, his bride, looked radiant. I love weddings! The reception was held at Thurman’s Mansion, just south of Austin. The venue couldn’t have been prettier, neither could the weather.

We had a big family breakfast at Kerbey Lane on Sunday morning, then headed back to Houston. I had a bit of a scare in the car, as I suddenly felt nauseous and then fainted while Sasha was driving. I am a big fainter (errh, fainted at the altar), and have passed out during every pre-natal appointment that involved needles, but this was the first unprovoked fainting, which is a bit concerning. I have my 36 week appointment today and plan on checking with my doctor. Fingers crossed!

I hope you had a good weekend! Happy Cinco de Mayo and first year wedding anniversary to my sister and Carl (pictures here and here).


the back view of thurman mansion in austin // sasha and kenneth getting rather competitive with bean bag toss (‘cornhole’)


sophee’s amazing bridesmaid invitation – obsessed and so excited // mother-son dances always make me cry


shameless selfie with my new ray-bans (after mine got stolen) and haircut (long overdue) // most amazing photo album from ryan ray


32 days from my due date (feeling ever-so-swollen) // dad and sasha being competitive per usual


post-breakfast at kerbey lane with dad // wedding selfie in the hot-hot texas sun (think 90+ degrees already)


outside kerbey lane with my childhood bestfriend/brother and his wife (vising from scotland) // belle is petrified of our stroller… so we’re practicing