The Perfect Blush Pink Dress

Next weekend, one of my good friends is getting married in New Orleans, and she has asked me to be in her house party (if you’re not familiar with this southern tradition, read this explanation here). Amanda asked all of the house party to wear blush pink dresses, which is also the bridesmaid dress color I chose for my wedding (photos here). Instead of lucking out and finding one dress early on that fit me like a glove, I tried on over twenty blush pink dresses from a number of different stores. I’ve had a hard time finding dresses that fit well recently, given my (ahem) milk-enhanced chest. After trying on some pretty pricey dresses, my friend, Taylor, sent me a link to a dress at Forever 21, and I actually really liked it. The best part was the price tag: $39? Yes, please. Given that I don’t normally wear light pink due to my insanely pale skin, I was a-okay with spending less than $40 on a dress. It’s currently getting altered, as they didn’t have my size, and I’m excited to get it back and try it on. I’m praying it fits well!

During my extensive research, I found some gorgeous blush pink dresses at J. Crew, BHLDN, Nordstrom, Asos, Forever 21 and Macy’s. While at the latter shop, the cashier asked me if I was looking for a bridesmaid dress, and I explained it was for the house party. She told me that blush pink is the most popular bridal party dress color, and that she constantly is helping women find dresses in this color. Et voila, here is my guide to help all of the ladies out there looking for a blush pink dress. If that’s not you, perhaps you think one of these little numbers is pretty and grab it just for fun! I absolutely love this Joanna August Polly Dress and this Tahari Sleeveless Brocade Dress. Lots of good options out there!

A Weekend Well-Spent

Sasha and I headed to Austin at the crack of dawn on Saturday, after spending Friday with one of my best friends, Kirby, who flew in town from Oklahoma City for her baby shower (she’s due exactly 4 weeks after me!). We had plans to meet my childhood best-friend – Alisdair, (we met before we were one years old in Scotland), who came to live with us in Texas for his senior year of high school, then ended up going to The University of Texas at Austin with me and married an Austinite! They moved back to Scotland last year, much to my dismay, and I only get to see him once a year, so I was anxious to hug him and Erica. We stayed with another best friend, Sophee, at her gorgeous house (where we spent my bachelorette weekend!). She recently got engaged to Johnny (who took many of these wedding preview pics) – they are the sweetest, most attractive couple ever (see pictures of them at our rehearsal here). I am over-the-moon excited to be one of her bridesmaids next March. Her invitation was perfect (see picture below!).

In the late afternoon, we went to one of my good friend’s wedding – Eric and I have been close since fourth grade! Him and Alisdair also became best friends during our senior year, so we’re one big happy family. Stephanie, his bride, looked radiant. I love weddings! The reception was held at Thurman’s Mansion, just south of Austin. The venue couldn’t have been prettier, neither could the weather.

We had a big family breakfast at Kerbey Lane on Sunday morning, then headed back to Houston. I had a bit of a scare in the car, as I suddenly felt nauseous and then fainted while Sasha was driving. I am a big fainter (errh, fainted at the altar), and have passed out during every pre-natal appointment that involved needles, but this was the first unprovoked fainting, which is a bit concerning. I have my 36 week appointment today and plan on checking with my doctor. Fingers crossed!

I hope you had a good weekend! Happy Cinco de Mayo and first year wedding anniversary to my sister and Carl (pictures here and here).


the back view of thurman mansion in austin // sasha and kenneth getting rather competitive with bean bag toss (‘cornhole’)


sophee’s amazing bridesmaid invitation – obsessed and so excited // mother-son dances always make me cry


shameless selfie with my new ray-bans (after mine got stolen) and haircut (long overdue) // most amazing photo album from ryan ray


32 days from my due date (feeling ever-so-swollen) // dad and sasha being competitive per usual


post-breakfast at kerbey lane with dad // wedding selfie in the hot-hot texas sun (think 90+ degrees already)


outside kerbey lane with my childhood bestfriend/brother and his wife (vising from scotland) // belle is petrified of our stroller… so we’re practicing

My Maternity Style

hatchAs soon as I found out I was pregnant, I frantically started searching online for maternity clothes and pregnancy fashion blogs. I had no clue where to start! Shortly after I found out, J. Crew launched their line of maternity pants (still anxiously awaiting more selections!), and then found myself buying tons of blouses from Loft’s maternity line (love these so much). I officially retired my old jeans three weeks ago, and am hanging onto my J. Crew Cafe Capris for dear life (very little time left in those!). This has meant that I’ve been on the market for some fashionable work pants – which I found at J. Crew and Asos. I bought two pairs of J. Crew’s J. Crew’s non-materity draped drawstring pants, which work well for my growing waistline, as well as two pairs of their maternity Minnie Pants. I also really like J. Crew’s white matchstick denim pants, but love my Hudson maternity jeans the most! These Asos floral camo pants could not be more comfortable – match them with a black blouse and they work for going out for dinner or going to the office.

As for dresses, I’ve been looking for empire waistlines or tunics and buying 2 to 3 sizes up to be cautious. Anthropologie has a great selection – I love this tan and coral tunic with my white matchstick denim.

Without a doubt, my favorite maternity line is Hatch Collection. After looking at their stuff non-stop for the last few weeks, I finally caved and bought this dress (in Ponte) and these shorts. I want to buy everything.

J. Crew, Loft, Asos, TopShop, H&M, Old Navy, Gap, Rachel Pally, Hatch Collection – know of any other fashionable maternity lines? Always looking for some new options, although I only have 12 weeks left! Here’s to hoping they fly by.

Some of my favorite recent purchases featured below – links at the bottom!


1) Loft, 2) Anthropologie, 3) Loft, 4) Loft, 5) Loft, 6) Anthropologie, 7) Anthropologie, 8) Anthropologie, 9) J. Crew, 10) J. Crew, 11) Hatch Collection, 12) Asos, 13) J. Crew, 14) Hudson

Top and featured image via Hatch Collection

Military Glam

One of my favorite fall trends is “military glam.” I love the look of a pop of camouflage paired with a classy silk blouse and some high heels (especially these Valentinos). The key to wearing military-influenced clothing is to be minimalistic. The print is already very bold, so don’t try to “over green” yourself. Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies pulls of camouflage stunningly here. J. Crew has some of my favorite camo pieces (a few featured below – numbers 3, 4, and 7). What do you think about fall style?


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9