#GIRLBOSS: Jenny of A Fine Flourish


I followed Jenny of A Fine Flourish on Instagram for awhile before finally meeting her at Christina Leigh‘s Tinsel and Tables workshop last winter. She was teaching the attendees calligraphy, and I was seriously mesmerized with her perfect script. Her handwriting is truly flawless, but what really stuck out to me was how genuine and sweet she is.

Flash forward a few months, and I was running on our regular path with Isla when I saw Jenny outside her parent’s house. We stopped to chat, and I realized she was the real deal – she’s one of those people whom you meet and just cannot help but like. Soon after, we met again with three other talented ladies to discuss how to foster community in the creative community of Houston. And the rest of our friendship is history!

So, the second #GIRLBOSS interview (first here) is with this gorgeous mama (I die over this photoshoot with her gorgeous daughter, Bailey). Happy reading! After seeing her photos and scouring her Instagram, you’ll know whom to contact if you need any hand lettering done! I’m not going to lie, I cried while reading her post. It’s very motivational!

Watercolor Calligraphy

One of my favorite new trends in the world of typography (a world I care all too much for), is watercolor calligraphy. I follow Lauren of @AFabulousFete on Instagram, and her prints are my absolute favorite. I love how the colors change over the course of the stroke from light to dark, which is beautifully matched with the varying thickness of the letters. There is a lot of gorgeous inspiration on the internet, and I’ve been motivated to give it a try as well!

Lauren posted the tools needed here on her blog, and I’ve ordered the brushes and plan on giving it a try. I am nerdily excited. Have you been noticing this trend too? Have you tried it?

Here are some of my favorite pieces of inspiration by various calligraphers. All photos are linked to their source site.

Happy Tuesday and Serbian Christmas Eve! We are heading to church tonight to celebrate for the second time. Having a multicultural family has its perks!

watercolor5 Frozen-Cocktail-Party-Inspiration-Sweet-Root-Village-OSBP-198watercolor3

Tinsel and Tables Workshop

Two weeks ago, I attended a Tinsel & Tables Workshop, hosted by Christina of Christina Leigh Events (first mentioned here). The event was so much fun – not to mention delicious (feast your eyes on the delicious baked goods from Buttercup Bakery). The attendees gathered at Over the Top Linen on a beautiful Sunday, and we learned napkin folds and discussed table settings, talked about cute paper goods with Katie of Katie and Co., practiced calligraphy with Jenny of A Fine Flourish and learned all about perfecting your holiday decor with Christina. She taught us how to make natural wreaths and the perfect bows. Needless to say, it was a very informative four hours. I took my wreath home and have it on our table as our centerpiece!

Over the Top Linen is the most incredible store ever (fabric heaven). I am dying to get my hands on those fancy sequin fabrics for Isla’s first birthday party. The entire event was exciting, as I had been following many of these lovely ladies on Instagram for awhile, and it was great to meet them (all incredibly sweet). I’m looking forward to Christina’s next workshop!

The entire workshop was photographed by the incredibly talented Jessica of Ever and Anon (all photos below are courtesy of Jessica). I hope to have her take photos for us in the future! Her pictures are beautiful.

PS Seeing these photos of me with the blond hair now makes me cringe. So excited to be a brunette again (photo here)!


Isla’s Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Birth Announcements

At long last, Isla’s birth announcements have been sent! I am so relieved to have completed this major project – one which started well before she was born! I did the calligraphy on all 100 envelopes prior to her birth (thank goodness!), cut the envelope liners using this Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper, stamped our return address using a custom stamp from Angelique Ink, and created the design for the announcement (which was printed by Czar Press). When Isla arrived, all I had left to do was update the design with the appropriate information, get it printed, have Isla’s photos taken by Taylor Lord and printed locally, add the photos to the glassine bags, punch holes, tie bows, and voila – done. Whew. Yes, I am exhausted, but so happy to have finished my second big project (first being Sasha’s graduation announcements). Baby number two will likely have an e-card (ha!).







Duplex announcement card printing by Czar Press

Ribbon and kraft envelopes from Paper Source

Wildflower Liner from Rifle Paper Co.

Isla photo by Taylor Lord

Custom return stamp from Angelique Ink

Dr. Martin’s Pen White calligraphy ink from Paper and Ink Arts

Glassine bags from JenStampz

Calligraphy and photos by me

Favorite Etsy Shops

I love Etsy – not for all of the fru-fru bow or homemade DIY stores, but the amazing selection of custom stationery, stamps, prints, and decor. I recently browsed my order history (which is rather large) and realized how many gems I’ve found on this website. I decided to roundup my favorite stores so that you can hopefully feast your eyes (and wallets) on some of these gorgeous treats. Are you a frequent Etsy shopper? If so, which are your favorite shops?







Whitney English



Em Dash Paper Co






Angelique Ink





Quill and Fox





Paloma’s Nestil_570xN.146533345




Gnome Sweet Gnome




Sycamore Street Press