Watercolor Calligraphy

One of my favorite new trends in the world of typography (a world I care all too much for), is watercolor calligraphy. I follow Lauren of @AFabulousFete on Instagram, and her prints are my absolute favorite. I love how the colors change over the course of the stroke from light to dark, which is beautifully matched with the varying thickness of the letters. There is a lot of gorgeous inspiration on the internet, and I’ve been motivated to give it a try as well!

Lauren posted the tools needed here on her blog, and I’ve ordered the brushes and plan on giving it a try. I am nerdily excited. Have you been noticing this trend too? Have you tried it?

Here are some of my favorite pieces of inspiration by various calligraphers. All photos are linked to their source site.

Happy Tuesday and Serbian Christmas Eve! We are heading to church tonight to celebrate for the second time. Having a multicultural family has its perks!

watercolor5 Frozen-Cocktail-Party-Inspiration-Sweet-Root-Village-OSBP-198watercolor3

Super Sweet 16 Balloon Invites

I am always looking for creative invitation or announcement ideas – a deviation from the standard colored cardstock. I have finally decided what to do for Isla’s announcements, after making the time conscious decision not go to the same letterpress + photo route for Sasha’s UT MBA graduation announcements (to be posted soon!), and no, it’s not a balloon! However, when I saw these super sweet 16 birthday balloon invitations on Oh So Beautiful Paper, I swooned. The balloons are so colorful, and I love the design by Cristina Pandol. I recognized Cristina’s name, and searched Snapshots and My Thoughts – low and behold, I have posted two of her previous projects before here. She is wildly talented – I totally love her style. Have you ever received a save-the-dates or invitation via balloon? Such a cute idea.






Calligraphy Workshop


I love calligraphy. Not the old school copperplate kind, but contemporary lettering. This sounds absurd, but I could look at cursive lettering all day long. I have looked into taking classes in Houston, but everyone I find seems to teach the super slanted, loopy calligraphy, and I’m not interested in learning that. When Amy and Riley at Papellerie showed me our logo and invitations with Michele of Meant To Be Calligraphy‘s handwriting, I swooned. “That is the type of calligraphy I want to learn,” I thought to myself. While my handwriting is far from perfect, I do have a very steady hand and am constantly doodling cursive words in meetings and at church (while paying attention, of course!). Michele lives in DC and holds workshops at a local venue, and I’m going to one in February. I’m extraordinarily excited to take my first class (with my mom!) and also to have another trip to one of my favorite cities in the US. Have you been to DC before? If not, you should. Perhaps just to eat the veggie burger and popcorn at Founding Farmers.


Explore, Dream, Discover


Some of my all-time favorite quotes were spoken by Mark Twain. I always feel so inspired by this wanderlust-filled saying – isn’t it so true? We will definitely be more disappointed by the things we choose not to do than those we decide to do. It makes me want to pack a bag and go and travel (probably not good timing though, since we get married in 18 days!). I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

all images via fourthlake