Another little confession of mine: I’m 100 percent, truly-madly-deeply in love with hot air balloons, yet I’ve never ridden in one. Why? I don’t actually know. There is something so fairy-tale about drifting into the sky in a big basket being carried upward by a pretty balloon. In fact, one of my favorite blouses is a hot air balloon shirt from Anthropologie – I wore it with my first suit for my final interview with Accenture!

So, I was looking at Oh Happy Day (it’s perfect!), and I saw this balloon-themed photo shoot for a kid’s birthday party. Isn’t it incredible? Click here for step-by-step instructions. Who says you can’t scale it for adults??

Then, I was inspired to search for more balloon themed festivities, and I came across Paiges of Style. It’s amazing.

Paige is an interior designer with impeccable taste. Her daughter had a hot air balloon-themed birthday. It seriously looked like the most perfect day ever! What a lucky little girl – she’s one talented momma.

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