1) alice & olivia bike, 2) Tracy Reese blouse, 3) Tracy Reese dessert plates, 4) Jason Wu ornaments, 5) Tory Burch lunchbox

Last week, Target & Neiman Marcus revealed their Christmas collaboration look book, and needless to say, I’m obsessed with some of the items, especially the Tory Burch lunchbox. Now that I bring my lunch to work, I have to have it. I currently tote my Tupperware in a J.Crew or Paper Source bag (almost as cool). I’ll be in line on December 1, that’s for sure.


  1. omg. what? in line where? i need to have all of that. maybe not the bike. i would look silly on the bike. but everything else. please point me to where i should be looking for these things. keep me cool, ailee, keep me cool!

    • They’ll be at NM and at Target on Dec. 1 – and there WILL be a line, I guarantee it. Target’s designer collections always sell out so quickly. You are cool, Mara – don’t worry, that won’t go away!!!

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