Bridal White Dresses // by McKenzie

January 16, 2013


On Monday night, I expressed my growing stress to my best friend, McKenzie, and as I’m going to bed, my phone vibrates. I look and there’s an email from her. It’s honestly the most beautifully designed PDF I’ve ever opened. Along with a perfectly uplifting email message about the joys of being engaged, the dress selection is impeccable. I did screenshots of the PDF since they don’t display in WordPress. Isn’t she perfect? I want them all! Especially that beaded number by Parker. You can find these gorgeous dresses at the following links:

First row: 1) alice + olivia Matilda Silk Dress, 2) Rebecca Taylor Pebbled Strapless Dress, 3) Rebecca Taylor Sleeveless Lace Dress, 4) Parker Architect Beaded Dress

Second row: 1) Catherine Malandrino Poplin Cutout Dress, 2) alice + olivia Fierra Y-Back Dress, 3) Rachel Zoe Caroline Faux Wrap Dress, 4) Shoshanna Amber One-Shoulder Bow

0 thoughts on “Bridal White Dresses // by McKenzie

  1. clstephens

    Hold up, your friend made this for you? Brilliant and so sweet. I am totally stealing this idea and making something for my friend who is engaged. Love it. That beaded number, well, I think you need it no matter what!

    1. aileesemple

      She is amazing! You guys need to meet for sure. Definitely a good idea to copy. The dress is definitely a must have. Thank goodness Sasha and I don’t have a shared bank account just yet 🙂


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