I often think to myself, if money was not part of the life equation, what would I be doing for my job? Instead of management consulting, I would perhaps be a travel consultant. I would love more than anything to help people plan their great adventures – picking out hotels, restaurants, excursions, shows, etc. in foreign lands. I love to travel. It’s my passion. I get great excitement from experiencing new cultures, trying unknown foods, and meeting new people. I want to share that joy with people and alleviate the potential stress of trip planning.

Before Sasha and I went to Europe, I made a guide book for us. It’s very detailed, and we almost followed it to a T. I got rid of the scanned passport pictures, and uploaded where you can view my insanity here. If you are going to Greece, Turkey or France soon – I’d love to help you! I have many good ‘lessons learned’ from the vacation.

Our next trip will definitely revolve around water and relaxation (it will be a honeymoon after all!), and so I had to feature these pictures from my best-friend’s gorgeous tumblr <fourth lake>.

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  1. I am a travel consultant and work mainly with fundraising organizations. I would be happy to show you what I do and talk about how we can work together.

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