I love to travel. If you’re read more than one blog post of mine, you’ll likely know this. I have a goal of going to 50 countries by the time I’m 50, and I’m on track – Indonesia (where we’re going in December) will be my 25th country to visit (and I’m 25). Traveling is the mostย exhilaratingย thing in the world, and as a photo-lover, the best inspiration. I look through my pictures often (and print most!) – I picked a few of my favorites from my last four years’ (international-only) travel. If you want to go to any of these places, ask me! I’d love to share advice. Have a good Good Friday!



  1. Amazing photos. I LOVED south Africa. So much. And the Philippines. And London. And I really want to see France and Greece. So fun!

  2. Oh… I have the travel bug so badly right now! Also, a sudden urge to list out everywhere I have traveled. You are a lucky gal and I want to know more about your favorite trips. No, seriously. xo

    • You live in Seattle! I feel like you’re actually ON vacation right now ๐Ÿ™‚ You should totally list it – or go to Wolpy and map the places out. And yes, I’d love to share trip stories at ANY time. xoxo

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