The Wedding Preview

July 30, 2013

I am so blessed to have a best friend whose boyfriend is equally as talented at picture-taking as she is, or else I would have no photos to share of the wedding until I get our official ones back from Ryan in a few weeks! Sophee and Johnny captured some precious moments from both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding day. Sasha and I got married on July 19 at The Carneros Inn in Napa, and while everything didn’t go as expected (to be explained momentarily), it was the most perfect day of my life…

As mentioned last week, I fainted during the ceremony (honestly, who does that?). All of those warnings to eat food, drink water, bend your knees, etc. are not to be taken lightly. Fainting runs in our family, so neither of my parents were surprised when 15 minutes into the ceremony, Sasha asked me, “Are you okay?” To which I replied, “No,” then subsequently fell onto his shoulder and he placed me on the ground. A whole two minutes later, I wake up to a host of very capable people putting ice on my neck and holding me in the right position. I had two doctors and a paramedic at the wedding, so I was well-taken care of. After going inside to cool off, we returned outside – to continue the ceremony seated (with parasols – see pictures below). I was in good spirits about the entire event – you truly cannot let anything ruin this special day. It also helped that Sasha scooped me off my feet to carry me inside, which his groomsmen swear was all planned to make him look like a knight in shining armor. The rest of the evening went without a hiccup – the speeches, food, drinks, company, and dancing were all incredible. I cannot wait to share Ryan’s pictures with you when they arrive. In the meantime, here are some that Sophee and Johnny took. Thank you to them both! Love y’all so much.


0 thoughts on “The Wedding Preview

    1. aileesemple

      Hi Trish – you’re so sweet for checking in. For some reason, it won’t work on mobile, but seems to work on the computer. Are you using your phone? xo

  1. Sophee

    Obsessed!! Best and most gorgeous wedding.. I keep reliving that day and entire weekend in my head. Congrats!

    1. aileesemple

      Thank you my love! I cannot tell you how appreciative I am that you and Johnny took so many pictures. I love you both so much. I had lots and lots of fun too. Take us back to Napa now!! xo

  2. kikimac

    oh these are so gorgeous! it looks like an amazing day. absolutely love your dress and shoes! perfection. and i love the photos of y’all sitting during the ceremony. great story for the grandkids!

  3. Chelsea

    Wow!! Congratulations. You looked stunning and the whole wedding is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see even more. And hear more about it! Keep it coming. xo

  4. Jessica Lam

    Trust you to faint Ailee, but the sweeping off your feet part sounds terribly romantic. I can’t wait to see all the photos, I have no doubt that you were a radiant bride. Big hugs Jess xxxx

  5. Jordan Pickens

    Sounds like your sweet husband literally made you weak in the knees and then swept you off your feet. I think that sounds pretty perfect! Despite the fainting, it looks like everything else went off without a hitch. Beautiful wedding Ailee! Congrats times a million!

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