Life lately… has been chaotic (to say the least). I started a new project on Monday and have been training my backfill, which makes work a tad busier. We’ve had a heap of friend’s birthday dinners, wedding showers, baby showers, bachelorette events, baby parties, etc. to attend. It’s so nice to be social and catch-up with people before Isla arrives, and I become preoccupied for a bit; however, I must say – it’s exhausting! The biggest complaint (and for this I’m blessed) about being pregnancy is the tiredness. It is like a plague – I took my first nap last weekend after my shower, and it felt so nice to sleep! I’m still up at 5am to workout, so our bedtime has gotten much, much earlier. I recently started doing spin class at Define Body and seriously love it. I had to stop running due to nerve pain, and spinning doesn’t hurt at all – a saving grace. I cannot wait to tie up my running shoes again though! Only 63 more days until Isla’s due date. Here’s to having it fly by! What have you been up to lately?


1. flowers from my new team // 2. my favorite tiny diapers from honest company // 3. sasha finally hung up the mirror in isla’s room! // 4. hanging out with “papa” after my first baby shower // 5. the new mobile that sasha is too worried to hang over our crib is now over our glider // 6. planted a whole heap of new pinkish flowers in our front yard this weekend // 7. practicing calligraphy on my thank you letters // 8. new succulents in our west elm planters // 9. 31 weeks pregnant today – only 63 days left! so excited. first baby bump picture to be shared (likely the last too)


featured image via fourth lake



  1. The mirror looks awesome! You already are stocked on diapers?? You may need to come here and get me sorted… 🙂

  2. Looking good at 31 weeks! 🙂

    P.S. I see you’ve tweaked the look of your blog a little. I kind of miss the glittery touches in your header, though!

  3. you’re still so tiny – must be all of those 5 am workouts!! love the prints on the honest co. diapers. we’ve been doing a lot of planting as well. hope we can get together soon! xx

    • HARDLY tiny. Just wait until you come over!! And I need your gardening help. I imagine you have quite the green thumb (that I’m lacking!!).

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