Today, my husband graduates from The University of Texas at Austin – McCombs School of Business with a Master of Business Administration. It feels like yesterday that I posted this acceptance post (June 28, 2012 – “my boyfriend”!). He has spent so much time and effort after work studying, doing homework, having late night study groups calls, etc. and then spending every second weekend (sometimes back-to-back) in class. Needless to say, it has not been a fun process for him, but he has learned a lot and says it’s definitely worth it.

The plan since day 1 has been that I would attend his graduation, but this week has been rather tough – my back hurts, legs hurt, etc. and my doctor advised me not go to Austin with only 2.5 weeks until our due date. It took lots of convincing from Sasha, my mom, and friends, but we decided the best thing for me to do is stay put and cheer from afar (and FaceTime!). I am obviously very upset to miss this milestone occasion, but understand the reason. I did faint in the car two weeks ago on the drive back from Austin!

For Sasha’s graduation, I designed letterpress announcements that I had printed by Czar Press. They were so great to work with. I did the calligraphy on all 50 envelopes (which took much longer than expected!) using Crane envelopes from Paperworks. We included a small square picture of Sasha and Belle, and I secretly snuck in a ‘Congratulate Sasha’ card with a pre-stamped return envelope (addressed to my parents – bought at Paper Source). I gave him all of his presents last night, including the notes we got back. He was very surprised, and we had a great time reading them – laughs and tears.

Congratulations, Sasha, I am so proud of you! I wish more than anything I could be there with a foghorn! Hook ’em!

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  1. These are just awesome Ailee!!
    Sorry you’re going to miss Sasha’s graduation but you have to take care of yourself (and Isla!) too.
    Hope you’re feeling a bit better.

  2. AILEE!! THOSE ARE SERIOUSLY AMAZING!! stop posting about others’ designs, and just make all of your own for us to oogle at. So impressed! The photography is great as well. Ok back to the main topic…

    Congrats Sasha!! So bummed you have to miss this big occasion. But it really is for the best! No fainting!

    • Thank you love!! You are entirely too sweet. I would love to spend more time doing this and often day-dream about doing so on maternity leave, although I imagine I won’t have any time to do anything on those days off! Come over soon please!!! xo

  3. Congratulations to you both! What a memorable milestone. I love the secret notes!

    & your calligraphy looks FANTASTIC. I’m glad you’ve had more time to practice!!!

    • Thank you!! Not enough time spent practicing, but still have made progress since splattering ink all of the page in class! Your wedding will be here any day now 🙂 Hope planning isn’t stressing you out!! xo

  4. Congratulations to Sasha, you and Belle! You all have lots to be proud of! So happy for you! Glad you decided to stay put but sorry that you couldn’t be there. Through all you’ve done, no doubt your love shines through 😉 Fantastic stuff!

    • You are the best, Melissa! Thank you!! I knew you’d be glad I stayed – the ‘rest patrol’! 🙂 Love you for it!! xo

  5. Michele Fritz Reply

    Love seeing how your calligraphy skills are coming along! These envelopes looked beautiful! Congrats to Sasha!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Lots of opportunities to practice – just finished 104 envelopes for Isla’s announcements (although haven’t actually done the announcement). Your hands must be so strong! I got a million cramps.

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