Yesterday marked my 39th week of pregnancy. Part of me feels like it was just yesterday that I announced our good news – the other part feels like I’ve been pregnant for the last 3 years. I started my maternity leave today, and instead of laying back and putting my feet up, I’ve planned a day filled with visiting my parents and friends (this sweet girl!), doing a few returns, going to the post office (finally changing my name on my social security card!), buying a birthday gift for my mother-in-law, writing a few last ‘thank you’s,’ and meeting a potential nanny (so excited!). I am so anxious to meet Isla, but definitely feel like I need a few days to catch-up on life before she arrives. Given my mom’s history (two babies that were 14 days late and one that was 18 days late), I don’t have my hopes up that she will arrive on June 4, but we’ll see! The longer she waits, the more time I have to address all 100 baby announcement envelopes.


    • Agreeing on her name and announcing it!
    • My three baby showers (mom’s friends, my friends, and work friends)
    • Finishing Isla’s nursery
    • Listening to her heart beat at our first ultrasound
    • Designing and doing a few samples of Isla’s birth announcement
    • Buying her first piece of clothing while on our honeymoon in Bali
    • Feeling a kick for the first time
    • When the cashier at Home Depot asked me how far along (first public acknowledgement!)
    • Adding Isla to our “family song” (yes, Sasha and I have one that we sing every day)
    • Listening to Sasha talk to her at night

One of the most difficult adjustments in pregnancy is the growing belly. It’s funny to look back at, say… week 29, because at this point, I feel like I was still really small, but at the time, you’re like WHOA baby is really growing. People claim you miss your belly post-delivery, but I’m not sure I believe that. I have serious pains in my stomach right now from what feels like my ab muscles being torn apart. As mentioned here, I have bought the Belly Bandit and Wink Compression Girdle to get back in shape afterwards.

We decided not to do maternity pictures for a number of reasons, but I did snap a photo every Wednesday to mark each week off (Note: If I looked like Cara Loren or Amber Fillerup Clark, I definitely would have!). Most are taken in our closet mirror in my workout clothes before the gym, so they’re not cute selfies, but I’m still glad I did this to see the progression over time.

Baby bump pictures by week:



39 weeks and one day down… please, please, Isla – don’t make us wait too much longer!


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  1. yayyyyy!! glad you took those selfies! people who like the bumps probably don’t have abs like yours!! we have family songs too. we’re thinking of adopting another boxer, and last night i asked e how our songs could accommodate another dog! ha! glad you’re getting to catch up on some things before she arrives. and if you have an extra announcement floating around, send it my way! xx

    • oh my gosh! I LOVE that y’all have family songs as well – and that y’all make get another boxer!!! you definitely should. your songs will adapt! your envelope has already been addressed, don’t you worry! can’t wait to see you!

  2. I am so excited for you! Your belly is pretty tiny. Best of luck. xoxo
    ps… what is a family song? sounds awesome.

    • Thank you, Chelsea!! I don’t remember where it stemmed from, but we have a corny little song that we sing everyday about all of the family members. Along with a cheesy little dance… quite the sight! You and J need to create one!!! xo

  3. You looked amazing! Holy smokes you hardly even showed!! It’s probably because you had abs… I do not have abs 😉

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      No, you look amazing! I had pregnant legs, arms, feet, face, etc. You have a pregnant stomach! That’s how it’s supposed to be!!! My get-back-to-pre-baby plan targeted EVERYWHERE. And my abs are NOT what they used to be. Where is the time now????

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