Isla Loves: Trumpette (Giveaway)

July 30, 2014

For years, my ‘go-to’ gift for newborns has been Trumpette socks. What little Texan boy doesn’t need these cowboy socks, and what tiny baby girl doesn’t need some ballet socks? My mum introduced me to these sweet shoe-like socks, and I was excited when she gave Isla her first pair of Jitterbug Jennys. Isla wears a different pair almost every day, as each box comes in a variety of colors. She’s had lots of compliments while strolling around downtown Durango so far! While I love Isla’s shoe collection (15 pairs so far!), I know realize that Trumpette socks are much, much more realistic and useful.

I’m excited to be teaming up with Trumpette to give away a box of socks to one lucky follower! In order to enter the giveaway, you must do the following:

  1. Go to and decide which set of socks you’d like to win – then write a comment at the bottom of this post explaining which set you’d like and who you’d be buying them for
  2. You will get an extra entry by becoming a follower of Snapshots and My Thoughts (see ‘Follow’ button at the bottom righthand corner on desktop version of the blog)
  3. You can also get additional entries by liking Trumpette on their Facebook page and by following them on Instagram

One winner will be drawn at random. The more entries you have, the higher the chance you’ll win! The giveaway ends at midnight on Friday, August 1. I am looking forward to your responses! For more Trumpette photos, click here.IslaTrumpette1





79 thoughts on “Isla Loves: Trumpette (Giveaway)

  1. Sasha

    I’d like to win the Jitterbug Jenny’s for Isla’s cousin Ana so they can match during their next photo shoot!

  2. McKenzie Allen

    The Tootsies at first glance look like minion feet. I would give them to Heidi but secretly try to fit my own foot in them. xxxx

  3. Lauren

    I would like to win the cocos as I think all baby girls need a pair! I would give them to my grand daughter!

  4. Donik lamb

    I got my first trumpette sock set for my son 4 years ago little skater Johnny’s and now for Hannah I had to have more than just one set 😉 she already has the Hannah’s and Rosie’s 🙂 (she also rocks big bros skater socks also) and I’m torn between the cocos and the little skipper ones – I mean boat shoes are always in season!!! Your baby girl is too precious!

    1. aileepetrovic

      I agree – you can never go wrong with boat shoes! I love that you have so many pairs already!! That’s a tough call between Cocos and Little Skippers. Both are so cute.

  5. Gina Hiskes

    I would love the Toddler MaryJanes (in pastel) for my daughter! It’s her birthday in September and she absolutely loves fun socks. It actually took me all summer to convince her that she doesn’t need socks when it’s 90 degrees outside!

    1. aileepetrovic

      That is so sweet! Trumpette’s ideal customer! We’re in Colorado right now and very much need Isla to be wearing her socks. Too bad we keep forgetting to take them off during diaper changes… Yikes!

  6. kaily

    My lady has been rocking the Mary Janes for months. [With a few washes in between 😉 ] She’s coming up on a year &I’m realizing that soon I am going to have to put her in more than just sweet stocks but real “big girl” shoes too. Kills. Me. Regardless: we’d love the peace babys! Or toddler mimi’s. Great pictures!

    1. aileepetrovic

      Oh gosh, that will kill me too! Although I have so many “big girl shoes” that seem ridiculous now because all she wears is Trumpettes! The Mary Janes are so, so cute. I bet your little angel would look precious in the peace babies or toddler mimis. And thank you!! xo

  7. Michele Bacon

    I absolutely love Trumpette socks! Not only does my daughter wear them almost daily, but they are a definite go-to for shower gifts. One of the sets we don’t have yet is the Zoey collection. (I’ve been hoping to find them in Zullily or on sale) these would be perfect for my daughter Zoey! ( I also follow them on Instagram and FB)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. aileepetrovic

      They’re my go-to shower gift too. I love seeing people open them – especially those who’ve never seen Trumpettes before. Sounds like you’ve got a good collection started – I hope to get there soon. Zoey definitely needs the Zoey collection! It’s her namesake!!

  8. Ana Baptista

    I bought a set of giovanni socks two and half years ago for my baby boy. They looked great, from the early months untill his first steps. And as in Portugal they are still quite unknown, he was an absolute success wherever we went! Now I am 8 months pregnant with a baby girl and I would simply adore to have the Lucy’s socks! I Love that bow!
    I am already following trumpette on Facebook and Instangram (anasbap). I will follow this blog as soon as I fins the button on this smartphone.

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  10. Adrianna s.

    I love the Toddler Popstars! My chunky 10 month old has some chubby feet so I can’t really get shoes on him!

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