This past week has had very high highs and very low lows. The Petrovic household got hit by a stomach bug that seems to be making its way around Houston, which was less than fun. Sasha, unfortunately, was in Austin for a workshop (and sick, not fun), so my mom spent most of the week at our house.

We celebrated Isla’s 6-month-iversary on Thursday, December 4. She is getting so much bigger, and she is a very big wiggler now. She loves going on runs with me in the morning, grabbing Belle’s tail, playing peek-a-boo, crawling, bath time, throwing her toys off the highchair, licking everything, mirrors, eating her hair bows, breastmilk and only that, being held by Mum and Tata, being read to at night, building blocks, doing the downward facing dog position, and will now stand while supported until she reaches for something else and tumbles (see photos below). She doesn’t like her crib at least once a day (other naps, she’s fine), solids (just disinterested), getting put into the car seat, randomly getting her diaper changed (but most time, she’s fine), and being hungry (she’s like her parents). She is a bundle of joy, and we love her so much. She still can be fussy from time to time, but her temperament is normally happy. She still wakes up around 3am to eat, but slept from 6pm (bedtime) to 6:30am this week… yet to be repeated! Once she is eating better, we may have to do CIO to get rid of the night feed. I am not excited about this.

There were quite a few other exciting moments in the week though, which include:

  • Going to the Justin Timberlake concert – I think I’ve seen him five or six times now, and he keeps getting better and better. Plus, our friend, Brittany, got the most amazing seats!
  • Planning our trip to Paris and St. Petersburg in May! We’re taking Isla on her first overseas adventure and have her passport ready. I am so excited and am already building our itinerary.
  • Getting the West Elm Riad Rug ‘for Christmas’ from Mimi and Papaย for our new playroom. We’re going to add a little easel, some poufs for seating and Isla-sized bookshelves from Land of Nod, some additional toy buckets and call it a day for now. I originally wanted a tent or teepee, but we decided that can wait until she’s old enough to get excited about it!
  • Celebrating a long week and lots of shopping with a vegan cupcake from Sprinkles!
  • Partying at my nephew’s pirate themed birthday party! Arrrgggh.
  • Letting Isla nap with me for the first time… I was sick, she was sick, so we snuggled. This never happens, and I loved it.
  • Attending the Tinsel and Tables workshop (a few photos below, but more to come soon!). It was so much fun and inspirational.

Did you have a good week? I’d love to hear what your highlights were!


WR2Sasha makes all her fold down socks into knee-highs…WR4She has my heartDSC_0405WR3DSC_0397WR6DSC_0417Baby yogiWR1IMG_1704WR7Arrrrguably the cutest little 2 year old around!IMG_1539WR14IMG_1705A tiny swatch of our huge new playroom rugWR15Umm, I’d like to eat that table, please.DSC_04587 Jeans, True ReligionWR13DSC_0539My new handmade wreath centerpiecesleepingMy sweet sleeping beauty


  1. Glad you’re all feeling better!!
    Looks like a perfect week, minus the sickies.
    Stay well, friend!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Truly! I look terrible when I’m sleeping!!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      I had the best time and have been telling everyone about it today! You were the best hostess! I hope you have another workshop soon. And thank you! It’s very festive ๐Ÿ™‚

        • AileePetrovic Reply

          You’re so welcome. Lots of fun. And that’s very good news! I’ll be there. xo

  2. So very random, but do you have the Emmerson dining table from WE? Chris picked it out and ours is on the way but I’ve had a bit of a chair conundrum so right now its just the bench and 4 empty spots. What did you go with?

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Hello!! I do! And we love it! I’m so glad you’re getting it too. We have the bench on the side opposite from the wall, then three seats lined up next to the wall and big fabric couches on either end. There should only be two seats on the wall-side, but we squeeze them in (because I bought too many!). What are y’all thinking?

      • Good to know about the 2 chairs instead of 3!! Did you pick end chairs from WE or somewhere else? The choices are almost overwhelming!
        I bought 4 French Bistro chairs from World Market while they were on sale and they just came in yesterday. (I’ll decide how many, or if we are keeping later). I was planning to do some sort of head chairs in upholstery too, I just haven’t found the right ones! The visual “weight” of the table and the huge couch in the den means we need something that isn’t too thin, but I still need practical. I want to actually be able to sit in them!
        WE said our table will arrive before Christmas, but now that I have a pile of chairs stacked in my dining room I am getting a little impatient! HA I’ll keep you posted!

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