Wow. What a week! Sasha was in Austin, which I’ll share now that it’s Friday and he’s returning (seems kind of creepy else wise). I have a serious respect for single moms or mothers whose husbands work out of town (yes, you, Alexis!). It is tough doing it solo, and fortunately, I don’t have to often. Tables will turn today, as I’m heading to Austin for a bachelorette party, leaving Sasha alone with Isla for the afternoon and night. He’s never had her for more than 3 hours alone, so it’ll be interesting! He’s the best dad, so he’ll be fine… but exhausted, I’m sure. I’ll be back on Saturday morning, as one of my best friends is having a wedding shower in Houston. Throw in a 1 and 2 year old boy birthday party at the zoo and then lingerie shower at night, and we’ve got ourselves two busy days ahead. So maybe TGIF should be more like – holymolyitsFriday. I’m excited about all of the wedding festivities though, so cannot complain at all!

In lieu of ‘Favorite Looks of the Week’ (laundry, dishes and packing took precedence), I’m sharing a few of my favorite links and outfits (sort of copying this from my good friend Mara at Hook, Thread & Tinker).

I hope y’all enjoy your weekend! xo

GMGJulia Engel’s ‘His & Hers’ Valentine’s Day post – I am waiting for someone to tell me that she’s not actually human. Because… really? Why is she so perfect?

poppiesThe Poppies for Grace blog makes me excited about kid’s birthday parties (4 months away… oh gosh).kate

Obsessing over everything Kate Spade, like this coat, black dress and backless killer.This-is-the-one-you-need-to-use.-you-can-delete-the-others.-dont-get-it-mixed-up-with-the-other-232457-photos-on-your-desktop.

Doing this hairstyle from Barefoot Blonde on repeat.aerin9

Loving photos from Emily’s gorgeous AERIN rose party.


My mum baked a batch of Deliciously Ella’s insanely tasty granola bars and brought them over. Let’s just say Sasha didn’t get to try any!


  1. Your mom is incredible. Now I know where you get it…
    That KS coat. Necessary.
    GMG is def not human.
    That braid… omg I want to know how to do that. TEACH ME. You probably rock it.
    Happy CRAZY weekend to you.

  2. Boo! So excited you get some play time, you deserve it. Wish we could join up, I’m taking my monkeys down near Austin for the whole weekend, but I know you already have plans. Soon though, my dear, we meet. I’ve actually been awaiting your Favorite Looks post so I can share my new obsession… Dead. Girl totally reminds me of you, Ivana and Natalia, in one human. Basically, you guys are everything. Enjoy your busy, happy days ahead. Big love to you.

  3. i’ve never heard of poppies for grace, but if they have kids birthday parties i am checking it out! we just started planning julian’s first… insert every crying emoji here, ever. xo

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