Happy Monday! As I mentioned here on Friday, the week flew by and then we had the busiest Saturday I can remember. We had Hollis’ first birthday party near our house, then Nora’s first birthday party in Katy, and James’ fourth birthday party back in town. Three birthday parties, coupled with some other secret stuff (that I hope to share soon!) meant that by 6:30pm on Saturday night, the entire Petrovic family was exhausted. All of the celebrations were so much fun, and the three mommas did amazing jobs with the decorations! I only got a few photos at Hollis’ and none at James’, as I was holding Isla for both of those parties. However, I got a ton at Nora’s and plan to share them later this week, as Danielle really outdid herself (check out her beautiful Etsy store).

I”m sharing lots of other highlights from the week (as well as tons of photos) below. It seems that I really like to photograph Isla eating and sleeping the most. I seriously could watch her sleep all day long (but she hates naps, so that is impossible). When she does go to sleep, Isla loves to be covered in blankets, lovies, Meg the Monkey and her favorite butterfly (one of these).

Moments to be grateful for:

  • Having cheese, wine, and truffle popcorn at our house with two sweet friends, Jessica and Brittany (host of this year’s Galentine’s Day) – I made them the raw healthy, vegan Oreos (renamed N’Oreos by my sister) which were eaten quickly!
  • Eating at one of my favorite spots in Houston – Tiny Boxwoods – with my friends, Melissa and Kiran (Good chats + Beet It Burger + White Wine Mojito – it doesn’t get any better than that!)
  • Going over to my friend’s house for a playdate with her son, Alexander – the lunch spread that Emma put together could not have been more perfect!
  • Touring First Baptist Academy’s Primary School with Marcy, the Director of Early Childhood – she is seriously the sweetest, and that school is unbelievable… we’re on the waitlist and I will be praying every night for those spots to move quickly!
  • Being surprised with a belated birthday flower delivery from a sweet friend – they’re the most beautiful pop of color in our kitchen right now!
  • Going with my older sister to visit our little sister’s apartment in the Med Center (she’s a student at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston – she requested frozen yogurt, so I brought (and ate) the best – Orange Leaf
  • Staying in on Friday evening with my sister to play Bananagrams – have you played? If you’re a logophile, you would adore this game.
  • Being talked into going to STRIKE! at Life Time Fitness – I haven’t been able to move my arms since Thursday
  • Going to church on Sunday – it’s always my the way I calm down after a busy Saturday/week, and I love Bayou City Fellowship so much
  • Visits from Sasha’s mom (Four days – lots of Baba-loving!), his step dad, and my parents!
  • Laughing as Isla learned how to master the straw sippy cup, which she did after a few upside-down attempts! Sasha at first thought it was too hard to sip through the straw, but was proved wrong!
  • More berry painting – It’s so messy, but Isla and I both love it! She kept trying to eat her masterpiece!
  • Stopping by Biscuit Home for birthday party gifts and being tempted to buy absolutely everything
  • Getting a new BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light in the mail, which is seriously incredible. We used it as a playpen temporarily on Tuesday as my sister and I prepped for a case study, and Isla loved it! I can’t wait to take it with us to Europe in May.
  • Watching Isla as she practices how to wave and point – my sister taught her to point at me when she said, “Where’s Muma?”

How was your week? What were the highlights?

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In case you were wondering, qi is “the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things; in traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health” – the perfect Scrabble/Banagrams play

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  1. OMG Bananagrams! I love playing SCRABBLE, so that one I will definitely enjoy! Certified logophile here!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Yes, you totally need to buy it!!! It’s amazing!

  2. Oh my gosh, Isla’s overalls are the cutest ever, and her hair!

    Three birthday’s in one week, sounds super busy but so much fun!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Thank you, Tawyna!! Yes, very busy but we did it! And they really were a lot of fun! xo

  3. My favorite post every week! I love all the photos. Cute birthday babe! I would not survive three parties in one day. Crazy! Have a great Monday 🙂

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Thanks, Shelly. I love writing it too because I get to reflect on all the happy moments from the week!

  4. Those pictures of Isla berry painting are PERFECT.
    Also, cracking up about the amount of stuff in her crib. Poor Simon gets nothing :).
    We love our Bjorn travel crib SOOOOO much. You’ll LOVE it.

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Oh gosh, c’mon! He needs a laughing monkey surely, right?? I’m excited – I want to take the travel crib everywhere! And Simon + Isla + berry painting? Would we survive the cuteness?? xo

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Thanks, Alyson! I agree – if only I looked cute with food smeared all over my face!!

  5. I can never get enough of your posts (or miss Isla). As I read I constantly stop and think ‘how do families this perfect even exist?”. I mean that seriously, you guys seem to have a wonderful marriage, great family and inlaws, your sisters are around, you guys have a gorgeous house and sweet Isla and get to do so many cool things on the weekends…it’s amazing. And SO many birthday parties to go to! Out here in LA we have so few friends that have families that we go to like maybe a few birthday parties A YEAR. With Little C in preschool we have just received our second birthday invite though, and i hope we go even though the idea of meeting parents and people I don’t know sounds scary. I love your pics, like always! Ignore the fact that I’m rambling, sorry, lol. Last thing to add, Chloe HAS to sleep with her favorite blankets, lovies, doll (Rapunzel), puppy, and pillow at night….she has slowly accumulated more and more toys and blankets that have to come in her bed, haha. Love you mama!

    xox, Maya Beth

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Oh my gosh, ramble on my friend, ramble on. I love reading your comments! We are definitely far from perfect – every family has its quirks, right? We are very, very fortunate to have family nearby. I keep telling Sasha we need to try and get on an expat assignment with his work (in Oil & Gas), but I think it would be tough to be a continent away with a baby. Do your families live nearby? You’re from CA, right?

      I totally get the anxiety associated with going to a party when you don’t know anyone! I’ve had to do that, and I swear that having Isla/Chloe in tote helps so much. They are great conversation carriers! Babies and kids make social engagements easier because theres always something to talk about!! I love that Chloe has friends in preschool – I cannot wait for that to happen with Isla. So sweet.

      I also laughed that Chloe has continued to grow her sleeping companion collection – I can only imagine how much stuff Isla will have in a few years time. I love that they feel like they’re not alone with all these blankets, dolls, animals, etc.

      As always, the biggest hug and kiss sent your way!!! Love you sweet friend! xo

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Thanks, Courtney! They are new but a leeeeeeeetle tight so she sort of looks like a powerlifter with them on 😉 ha

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