Yesterday, we celebrated Easter for the second time, as Serbians follow the Julian calendar as opposed to the Gregorian calendar used by most of the world. I love it, as most of the time, we get to observe holidays twice! We headed to the Saints Constantine and Helen Church Serbian Orthodox Church in Galveston for the morning, then had a family lunch at Sasha’s mom’s beach house in Tiki Island. Sasha’s sister, Ivana, came into town for the weekend to be part of the celebrations, and it was so to spend time with her (i.e. shopping at J. Crew, running, eating). I could not have gotten luckier with a sister-in-law. I love her to pieces.

The week was relatively low-key, as I spent a lot of time trying to sort out my work and Isla’s birthday party. I cannot believe that it’s only a month away, and since we’re going out of town for the two weeks prior to the get together, I want to try to organize things now!

Other highlights from the week include:

  • Going to watch Legally Blonde (The Musical) at the Miller Outdoor Theater with a couple of girlfriends and sipping a tiny Sofia sparkling wine can as I hummed along to ‘Omigod You Guys‘ (did any of you watch Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods on MTV in 2008?).
  • Eating the world’s best veggie burger at Counter Burger after doing a 5-mile family run at Memorial Park with Ivana.
  • Watching two movies (we never, ever watch TV or movies, so this was huge!) – 100 Foot Journey and A Million Ways to Die in the West – we absolutely adored both. And the former made me so excited about our Paris trip!
  • Pulling the trigger and booking tickets to Melbourne for January 2016 for the Australian Open (I bought mine with United miles!) – we’re also going to do a Auckland, New Zealand trip while we’re there and I’m ecstatic because I’ve never been there before.
  • Going to the dentist for a cleaning – this falls into my high, as I love getting cleanings and coming out with my teeth looking three shades whiter; however, I also found out I have my first cavity, which was super depressing and would definitely be the low-light of the whole week.
  • Meeting with Leah at The Monogram Shop and discussing Isla’s birthday party decor, amongst other things – more to come on this later in the week!
  • Going to The Little Gym of Memorial for Isla’s first gym class – it was so cute and she loved it so much, especially walking on the beam, playing with other kids, and doing flips and rolls on the cheese mats.
  • Spending an entire afternoon with one of my oldest childhood friends, Brittany, to celebrate her birthday with lunch from Zoe’s Kitchen – she is hilarious, so we pretty much laughed for five hours straight. I cannot wait for Brittany’s wedding in Vail this summer!
  • Visiting Isla’s cousins – Mila, Lazo and Ana – at their house and decorating Easter eggs (not Isla, just me!). I haven’t decorated eggs in years and years and I forgot how much fun it is!
  • Finally, after months and months and months of nagging, getting to meet with a landscaper to ‘fix’ our backyard, which I dislike a whole lot. I’m excited to see what he comes up with!
  • Going to Isla’s swim class at Dad’s Club, which she seems to enjoy now! Everyone said it would take just a few visits, and they were telling the truth – I think she’s accustomed to the water now, as well as the drills and the sweet instructor.
  • Last, but not least, creating a photography site, which I’m pretty darn excited about. I have a few ‘clients’ (friends or friends-of-friends) for whom I’m taking baby or family photos in the new few months, and I wanted a place for them to easily view and download their pictures. I’ll share more details this week!

How was your week? Also, it’s my friend Mara’s birthday today – hop on over to her blog, Hook, Thread and Tinker, to wish her a happy birthday!

DSC_0348week4DSC_0371‘Hello, Spring!’ – new Gap Bunny Flutter top and Embroidered Flutter One PieceWeek5DSC_0367week1week2week3DSC_0299Gorgeous Lilly cups at The Monogram Shopweek6DSC_0516DSC_0518 Peek-a-boo!week7Baby Boden tunic (worn as a dress!) and new Baby Gap sandalsDSC_0474 week10My new J. Crew cap-sleeve dress, which is so comfortable!week8week11IMG_7147Getting into my very messy craft closet and having a ball.week9IMG_7284These two are my everything.week13IMG_7104Hands up if you like black beans!


  1. Ashley Ashbaugh Reply

    Those peek-a-boo photos are so cute. I love Isla’s Easter dress – and yours too. It sounds like you had a great week. We did too! I love spring so much. Happy Monday!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Aww, thank you!!! Too sweet. I love spring time as well!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      You are so welcome!! 🙂 Hope you had the best birthday!

  2. Great weekend 🙂 It was good to see Bug and celebrate Easter with the entire family. Per the usual…I’m tired!!!!!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Yes, Mondays are tired days! But worth it 🙂 Such a good weekend! Love you!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Hahah I love Ivana’s nickname 🙂 As for the H&M link, I’m dead. I HAVE to get the matching stuff. HAVE to. So cute. I adore you too!!! We’ll see each other in a month and a half at the world’s prettiest (ha!) beach!!!!! xoxoxox

  3. Australia? How exciting. I’ve always wanted to go. And I love Legally Blonde the Musical. What a good week. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Yes, we’re super excited!! And I love the musical too – such catching songs. Thanks for following along, Danielle!

  4. Yay Australia! I completely forgot about the search for Elle Woods! Now I can’t stop singing the song. I’m super jealous of your veggie burger- the Counter really does have the best!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Hahah wasn’t it ridiculously bad but oh so good??? And yes,The Counter is amazing! I wish I could mail it to you 🙂

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