Photo (1 of 1)-27Last night, I attended the world’s most perfect dinner party. Like flawless flowers, lust-worthy flatware, delicious food, tasty cocktails. Meredith, the owner of Cake & Confetti, knows how to throw a party. It is her job after all, and she knows what she’s doing. A group of her friends and fellow creatives got together at her house to celebrate two years of her being in business (did you read her #GIRLBOSS interview here?).

I had the honor of photographing the dinner, and of course, I immediately edited them upon getting home at 10:30pm (yup, I’m crazy too). I’m bursting at the seams to show the photos, but I can’t for now. I am able to share some of the photos we took a month ago to use as a follow-up to the big dinner party. Meredith’s creativity is endless. I love the 2 sparkler in the macaroons (although she did get slightly burned by the sparks!). 

Hope you’re having an incredible week so far! xo

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Snapshots by Ailee Petrovic


  1. GORGEOUS! the gal and the photos and the whole friendship – love that y’all get to play in the same city together!

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