Sasha and I took the optional early gender test when I was pregnant at 14 weeks and found out a week later, on our first day in Bali, that we were having a girl. I am not going to lie – I was so relieved. I kept telling everyone I thought I was having a boy, almost to reverse jinx myself. I have two sisters and a plethora of girl cousins, and to be honest, I just didn’t know what I would do with a baby boy.

Fast forward over a year, and I’m dying to have a little boy! I mean, having Isla is the most special thing ever (a mini me to dress like yourself? Yes, please). However, little boys are also so, so cute. I feel like 2015 has been the year of boys (and lots in 2014 too – namely, Simon!). I’ve recently photographed five newborn boys (see photos on my photography site – Snapshots by Ailee Petrovic), and most of Isla’s little friends are boys too.

I had the privilege of photographing a sweet baby boy named David yesterday. He is absolutely precious, and he slept during the photos (hooray!). It was the first time that has happened in ages, and so we got some cute snoozing photos. I also took 3 month photos of Baby Brooks (his newborn photos here). Y’all, he is so precious I cannot handle it!

As I mentioned yesterday, we went to two 1st birthday parties on Saturday for Isla’s boy friends. Instead of inundating your inbox with lots of separate posts, I thought I’d share photographs of Brooks, David, Kevin and Alexander all in one. Consider this baby boy cuteness overload. You’re welcome in advance!

 BrooksDavid (1 of 1)-24 Brooks (1 of 1)-3 Brooks1

Brooks (1 of 1)-7 Brooks (1 of 1)-8 David (1 of 1)-120 Brooks (1 of 1)-11David (1 of 1)-43 Brooks (1 of 1)-22 David (1 of 1)-47 Brooks (1 of 1)-20 Brooks2


David (1 of 1)-65 David (1 of 1)-72 David (1 of 1)-11 David (1 of 1)-9 David (1 of 1)-80 david1David (1 of 1)-81 David (1 of 1)-6 david2David (1 of 1)-89 David (1 of 1)-92 David (1 of 1)-3 David (1 of 1)-22David (1 of 1)-56 David (1 of 1)-53 david3


Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-105 Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-108 Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-176 Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-151 kevin1Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-182 Kevin2

 AlexanderWillow Crowns (1 of 1)-138 Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-121 Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-162 alexander1Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-158 Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-115 alexander2Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-170Willow Crowns (1 of 1)-129


  1. Haha I always love your husband’s comments and LOVE that he comments on your blog 🙂

    Girl, you are SO talented, love all of these photos. What lens do you use for your portraits? I’m looking to get a new portrait lens 🙂

    I was the SAME way as you when I was pregnant with Scarlett, I convinced myself that we were having a boy because I wanted to be excited if we were. This time around I would LOVE to have a baby boy, maybe because I already have my girl? I don’t know… regardless of what we find out I will be SO happy 🙂 This is the year of boys though which has me questioning my intuition!

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Ha, he is the cutest. It always makes my day to see them pop into my inbox 🙂

      You are so sweet. Thank you!!! You are too! I’m so excited to see where your photography business goes! I am currently using the Canon Mark III with a 50mm f/1.2L and 24-70mm f/2.8L. I mainly use the 50mm, but switch to the zoom for babies.

      I would love to have a boy and a girl, but like you said EITHER would be such a blessing. I can’t wait to find out what you’re having though, so can only imagine your anticipation!!! xo

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